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Great Easter Activities for Families

Spring time is here. People naturally want to start spending time outdoors doing fun activities with the family. With Easter the only major holiday during the spring months, many parents are searching for family activities that will keep the kids occupied during spring and Easter break.

Great Easter Activities for Families

Easter Bonnets – with some paper plates, construction paper, glitter, ribbon, and fun stickers, each member of the family can make their annual Easter hats. For the boys and men, cut out the construction paper in a long piece that can be folded into a circle that will fit each person’s head. Then cut points on the top side of the paper for a crown-like effect. Glue the circle together. Decorate with stickers and glitter. The ribbon can fit around the hat to become a hat band. Any other fun item can be put on the hat, such as gluing cotton balls on each crown peak.

Girls and women can use the paper plate as a base for the hat, and add the ribbon and glitter in any decoration that is fun. The ribbon can be woven through the plate to make a string to tie under the chin. Look for things around the house that can top the hat, such as toilet paper rolls that are sprayed with glitter, old Christmas bows, even little statutes that can be glued on.

This can become an annual tradition to see who makes the best hat. The winner gets a prize like picking out the restaurant for Easter breakfast.

Easter Kites – who said family fun at Easter has to follow certain traditions? The idea is to have fun as a family, and making a kite as a family is really a lot of fun. To make this activity more exciting, ask other families to join in. It could be the families of friends, neighbors, or other family members. The point is that each family makes their Easter Kite to fly during an outing outside. The winner of the most inventive kite wins bragging rights all year. An inexpensive trophy can even go to the winner. The sky is the limit is creating the family kite, but it has to be able to fly.

Ribbons, bows, themes, trails, and any other idea can go into making the kite. The families can develop Easter-themed family crests that they use more inventively each year. Set down some rules and go for it. Literally, the families can go fly a kite.

Eco-Friendly Easter Basket –
the whole family can get in on the fun making a family Easter basket that is eco-friendly. Purchase a large wooden basket or a clothes basket. Make sure it is eco-friendly. Also buy some Easter themed stickers. The family can decorate the basket with stickers, spring-inspiring paint, or whatever else fits their fancy. The items put in the family Easter basket have to be friendly to the environment. It can include items that are found inside or outside that commit to living a green lifestyle. For example, garden utensils for the commitment to plant vegetables. Someone can find a sponge to put in the basket for a commitment not to use so many paper towels. The key is that each item has to be decorated with the Easter stickers. Fill the basket with shoes that represent walking instead of taking the car everywhere. Be creative and have fun.

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    caedmen says:

    I love the easter kite idea! I will have to remember that for next year. This year my boy is too little to care but next year I know he would love it!

  2. 1
    Brittany says:

    What fun ideas! Thanks for sharing!