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6 Tips to Protect & Clean Your Couch

6 Tips to Protect & Clean Your Couch

A couch is more than just a piece of furniture. It can be the
centerpiece of your living room, a place to snuggle with your kids or
your loved one, and even a place to sleep. If your couch is rundown
and dirty, it can make your whole room seem dingy and unkempt,
regardless of how much time you actually spend cleaning. Considering
the time and effort you put into choosing the perfect couch for your
home, shouldn’t you spend a little time and effort taking care of it?

The better you care for and maintain your couch, the longer it will
last for your family. In the long run, this could save you a great
deal of money. Replacing a broken or stained couch is expensive.
Cleaning the couch on a regular basis and taking steps to protect it
isn’t. Think of maintenance on your couch the same way you would insurance
— a small investment to protect a much larger one.

Follow these tips to keep your couch in great shape so it can be a
much-loved part of your home for years to come:

1. Use a Slipcover

Purchasing a slipcover
or two for your couch is a good investment. Find one that is made to
fit the brand and model of your couch so it doesn’t just look like
you’ve thrown a sheet over your couch. Slipcovers have a number of

  • They can be removed and cleaned in the washing machine if
    something gets spilled.
  • They are replaceable in case they get torn.
  • They come in different colors, so you can change the appearance
    of your room without having to buy a new couch.

Having an extra slipcover on hand is helpful, so your couch isn’t left
unprotected while the other cover is being washed or repaired.

2. Use a Professional Upholstery Protection Service

Many professional protection
services are available for upholstery. These services apply a
chemical to the fabric that helps it repel stains, dust and dirt so
the furniture can stay in great shape. Once dry, the chemicals don’t
leave a residue and are safe for kids and pets. Talk to the service
you choose to find out about whether occasional touch-ups are needed
and how often.

3. Teach Kids — and Adults — Not to “Flop”

Quite a few couches have made their way to the great living room in
the sky because of an overzealous leap or a plopping bottom. Couches
aren’t trampolines and shouldn’t be treated that way. Train your
family to gently sit on the couch, not throw themselves on it. Couches
have wooden frames. Constant abuse will cause that wood to weaken and
eventually break. Once a couch breaks, it’s almost impossible to
repair it, and it will have to be replaced.

4. Vacuum the Couch Regularly

To keep the couch free of dust and smelling fresh, make vacuuming the
couch one of your regular household jobs. Use the upholstery brush and
run it along the cushions and pillows. Try to get into the creases and
crevices, since dirt and dust like to gather there.

Once a month, pull all the cushions out and vacuum the back of the
couch and the area under the cushions. Make sure to clean up the
little toys and loose change that always seem to accumulate here.
Small toys can wind up puncturing your cushions and causing quite a
bit of damage. Sometimes small bits of food can slip between and under
the cushions. This can be a major problem, because these pieces can
get moldy. Mold is extremely difficult to get out of fabric. To keep
your couch in good shape for a long time, it would be wise to
implement a “no eating on the couch” policy in your home.

5. Give Steam Cleaning a Try

Once a month, give your couch a good steam cleaning.
Before you start, check on your couch’s tag or with the manufacturer
to make sure that steam cleaning is safe for the fabric. Steam
cleaners aren’t terribly expensive, and you are likely to find many
more uses for it around the house. Remove the cushions and give the
entire couch a good deep cleaning to remove smells, dirt, dust mites
and everything else that hangs out in fabric and upholstery.

6. Keep Your Pets Off the Couch

Pets are extremely destructive around furniture. Claws and teeth can
do a lot of damage, intentional or not. Cats think the ends of couches
make great scratching posts, and dogs can easily puncture through the
fabric of your couch when they jump up to come snuggle with their
favorite humans. Make the couch a no-pet zone and train your animals
to stay off. Make sure your cats have a scratching post available so
they aren’t tempted to use the couch, and crate your dog when go to

A clean and attractive couch will enhance the appearance of your
entire home. Taking the time to care for your couch and keep it
properly maintained will ensure that it will last you and your family
many years.

Author Bio: Shannon B. is a blogger and working mom who saves money around the house as well as on car insurance and health insurance.