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Nielsen-Massey Vanillas Review and Giveaway

As most of you probably know by now – I’m not the world’s greatest cook.  I don’t seem to have a natural knack for it, but I do enjoy trying.  In spite of being a mediocre cook (or maybe because of it), I’ve discovered that I’m a little bit of an ingredient snob.  In my experience, the better the ingredients, the better the end product.  This holds true in all of my cooking endeavors, but it is especially true when I bake.  For instance, about a month ago I tried to back cookies using imitation vanilla and they were nearly inedible (not that it slowed me down!) Well, I might not be a great chef but I’m also not a fool – that was the first and last time I will ever use imitation vanilla again – especially since I’ve recently discovered Nielsen-Massey Vanillas.

If you’re a cook or a baker, you’ve probably already heard about Nielsen-Massey Vanillas, because this company, at least in my opinion, makes some of the best vanilla products in the world.  I received a bottle of the Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla, and now I think I’m in love.  The quality of the product was amazing, and so was the flavor.  According to the company, “The world’s finest and most consistent vanilla comes from Madagascar. Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla from Nielsen-Massey has a creamy, sweet, velvety flavor that is perfectly suited for a range of products from baked goods to ice creams, salad dressings to barbeque sauces. Madagascar Bourbon vanilla does not have anything to do with the American whiskey of the same name, but is rather named for the Bourbon Islands off the coast of Africa. Madagascar supplies more than 60% of the world’s vanilla.”

Don’t really know what do with a high-quality vanilla?  That’s okay, neither did I until I checked out the Nielsen-Massey Recipes Page.  Or wait! Did you know that a few drops of vanilla in a can of paint can help to eliminate unpleasant odors? Well you would if you had checked out the Nielsen-Massey Vanilla Fun Facts Page!  (Are you starting to notice a theme in this post yet?)  All told, I am extremely happy with my Nielsen-Massey vanilla product, and I plan to stick with this company for as long as my family lets me to try to learn to bake!

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You can pick up your Nielsen-Massey Vanilla product at a retail store near you.  Or click HERE to find more ordering details online.

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One lucky winner will receive a bottle of Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla for themselves!  Just fill out the easy Rafflecopter form below.

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    Jennifer De La Cruz says:

    I learned that Neilsen-Massey is one of the best Vamilla suppliers. Whatever way you want your Vanilla, Neilsen-Massey can make it happen. I think that’s amazing!

  2. 2

    Thomas Jefferson is accredited for bringing vanilla to the United States. There is different qualities of vanilla for sure!

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    Carmen Santoro says:

    Nielsen-Massey Vanillas sound amazing. Your post was was interesting and so was Nielsen-Massey website. Thank you, learn something everyday. :)

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