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Bringing more light to our home with modern fixtures

Guest post written by Gina Roper

I work from home and so I spend a lot of time in my abode. Because of that, I notice all kinds of things that are wrong with our place and that I’d love to improve upon. You could even say that I kind of dwell on it and think about it when I should be doing work instead. I chose to finally do something about this and fix the parts of my home that really bother me.

Just one of the things that I really hate is our outdated carpeting. It looks like the cheap stuff that’s for high traffic that they use in offices. So we’re going to get Sears carpeting to replace it with some nicer looking carpeting for us. I can’t wait to walk around barefoot on our soft new carpet!

Our lighting fixtures are really outdated too and I can’t wait to finally switch all of them out. That’s going to need a lot more research to find some stuff that’s perfect for us, but I’m willing to take on that challenge!