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Thanksgiving Day Activities

Thanksgiving Day Activities

Thanksgiving Day Activities

If you’re like many people during this holiday, you’re about to have a house full of people. How can you possibly keep them all entertained while you manage to pull the perfect meal out of the oven at the perfect time? Some of these activities may be able to help.

Activities for Everyone

This is the one chance many families get all year to be together, so why not enjoy it with a few different activities? There are so many things all of you can do on this exciting holiday.

  • Start in the Kitchen: You shouldn’t have to do all of the meal prep on your own. Let everyone step in to help. Cram as many people as you can into your kitchen, and have one person peel the potatoes while another chops some celery while yet another puts your famous fruit salad together. During the chaos, you can catch up with everyone and learn a bit about who has the cooking skills and who doesn’t.
  • Bring Out the Photo Albums: There’s nothing quite like remembering the good old days, and those photo albums are a great way to do just that. Take a walk down memory lane together and don’t forget to tell all of the younger family members about this time or that one. They’ll appreciate the stories as much as you appreciate the memories.
  • Hook up the Projector: Have some old videos? This is a great time to show them. There are so many things all of you can laugh about together during this holiday, and it’s a wonderful way to waltz down memory lane with all of you together.
  • Break out the Thanksgiving Games: Who can beat your family’s Boggle champion? Who is the best Uno player in the room? Who will become the next Trivial Pursuit champion? Thanksgiving is a great time to sort out who can be the master gamer in your family.

Activities for the Kids

If the adults are busy yelling at the quarterback on the screen, you may need something to keep the little ones occupied, and you have a variety of options here as well.

  • Turkey Feathers: This is a fun game for your little ones. Designate one child to be the leader, and have him or her say “Turkey Feathers, Turkey Feathers’ while flapping those arms. The other children playing need to flap their arms too. The leader will keep calling out this mantra off and on, occasionally naming a few creatures that don’t have features. For example, he or she might say “Bird feathers, dog feathers, mouse feathers, chicken feathers,” and so on. A player who flaps his or her arms on a creature without feathers is out of the game. The player who makes it longer than everyone else deserves at least a small prize!
  • Create a Fruit Turkey: This craft is a fun to make as it is to create. All you need is an orange, some fresh cranberries, honey, carrot sticks, grape tomatoes, and raisins. Help the children cut the orange in half, and scoop out everything that’s inside. You’ll need to put the pulp, a cup of cranberries, and ¼ cup of honey into a blender. Mix it well, then put it back inside the shell. Use the carrots for the tail, stick a tomato on a toothpick for the head, then poke raisins in as the eyes. A broken toothpick should work for the beak. Let the children eat their creations with the meal.

No matter what you decide to do, you’re certain to have a great time enjoying that sense of family and community that so often accompanies a holiday meal.

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