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Discovering the Art of the Insurance Bundle

Managing family finances and staying on budget is a challenge. Every parent knows this, but there are few moments as satisfying as the realization that you’ve successfully saved money. Whether it’s a coupon, rebate or discount deal, you probably can’t contain your glee at these simple triumphs. A dollar saved might be an extra dollar in the college fund, or it might fund a little something extra for yourself. The rush is undeniable, so you’re probably on the lookout for new ways to snag savings. That’s where the wonderful art of the insurance bundle comes into the picture. You’ve probably seen bundling advertised in various places, but despite its ubiquity, there are many families who still haven’t taken advantage of the savings their provider may offer by combining policies. There are a few reasons to explore your options and a few tips to ensuring you get maximum savings. Don’t pay your insurance agency any more than you need to!

There are a few reasons to explore your options and a few tips to ensuring you get maximum savings. Don’t pay your insurance agency any more than you need to!

Discovering the Art of the Insurance Bundle

Decide What Coverage You Need

If you haven’t already done so recently, it’s a good idea to take stock of your liabilities and assess what coverage you’ll need for the next year. Auditing your policy annually allows you to update as needed and avoid a policy that becomes outdated. As you’re planning, consider whether you’ll have any new drivers in your home, if you plan to move and if you may make any major purchases. These are all important items to consider when shopping for insurance, and it’s best to have an analysis of your needs in front of you before you start your bundle.

Talk to Your Agent

If you don’t have a designated point of contact at your insurance agency, it’s time to get one. An agent should be familiar with your family and your unique needs, so when it comes time to add, remove or adjust coverage, they’re on the same page. It’s essential to have an agent on your side who can offer sound advice and consistent service. You can get the ball rolling on a bundle by reaching out to yours and discussing your needs. They’ll likely be able to provide information on deals and discounts that will meet your needs and save money.

Build Your Bundle With Care

Financial experts agree that bundling insurance saves money. Whether you’re buying car insurance, home or renter’s coverage, you can save considerable amounts by streamlining your coverage and opting for a single provider. Savings of this magnitude can revolutionize family finances and free up the dough needed for a college fund, vacation or even a new home. So where do you start? Because you’ll be entrusting all of your insurance to a single agency, now may be the time to shop around. If you aren’t satisfied with your current rates, you may be able to find better ones elsewhere. Bundling is a great way to save, but it’s also a great way to simplify your budget and finances. There’s nothing better than killing two birds with one stone, and turning two or three bills into just one certainly accomplishes that. If you want to be your family’s financial hero, it’s time to call your insurance provider and make the jump to a bundle.


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    I love the idea of bundling my insurance to save money. I agree that, since you’re trusting all your insurance to one provider, it’s best to shop around and find the best provider! I haven’t bought insurance yet, but I love the idea, so I will remember your advice.

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