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How to Pack for a Summer Cruise

No matter where the boat takes you, signing up for a summer cruise can help you stay cool and have some fun while on vacation. These ships offer loads of fun activities like shuffleboard, volleyball, swimming and even arts and crafts. Some have casinos, hair salons and other places that you can visit too, and you can take day trips to destinations where the ship stops too. Before heading off on your fun vacation though, you may need some help deciding how to pack for that cruise and which items you can leave behind.

How to Pack for a Summer Cruise

How to Pack for a Summer Cruise

Dinner Clothing

While you can get by in casual clothing like tee shirts and shorts while playing on the ship during the day, you need some more elegant clothing for dining at night. Many ships have formal dining rooms and require that you dress appropriately before stepping inside. Women can wear simple dresses or skirts with blouses, and guys will want to wear any pants that aren’t jeans and a button up shirt. The ship may have an even more formal dining room that is only open to those in formal clothing like gowns and suits.

Stay Safe in the Sun

Unless you want to spend all day in your room, the casino or the game room, you’ll need to bring along some clothing and accessories to stay safe in the sun while on the ship. A simple pair of sunglasses will protect your eyes from the sun’s rays and help you see clearly, while a good cap or hat can keep your head from burning while outside. You should also bring along a good bottle of suntan lotion that protects your skin and keeps you from developing sunburn. Shop now to find sunscreen products that will work in even the hottest and sunniest of destinations.

Day Trips

When you jump off the ship to take a day trip or excursion to a museum, shop or another attraction, you’ll probably want to dress a little differently than you did while on the ship. Tank tops and lightweight tee shirts are great because these shirts won’t make you overheat and will help you stay cool. Capri pants, shorts and cargo shorts are also great for wearing outside. You’ll also want to bring at least one bathing suit that you can wear underneath your clothing for activities like swimming or snorkeling.

Cruise ships let you have just as much fun on the boat as you do off. These boats offer excursions to local destinations you pass on your trip and let you have fun doing activities like snorkeling and swimming. Packing the right clothing for your trip ensures that you’re ready for all activities and situations.

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