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How to Promote a Family Business Online

The world is full of large corporations and companies, which can often appear cold and unhelpful. It may, therefore, be no surprise that family businesses are one of the biggest and most lucrative business entities in the world, as they are believed to create an estimated 70-90% of global GDP annually.

If you run a family business and want to compete against larger rivals to attract customers, you must start marketing your products and services on the internet. Without an online presence, you’re less likely to prosper nowadays. Find out how to promote a family business online.

Without an online presence, you’re less likely to prosper nowadays. Find out how to promote a family business online. - Farmer's Wife Rambles

How to Promote a Family Business Online

Identify Your Company’s USP

What makes your family business stand out from the crowd? It is important to identify your USP to give online customers a reason to buy your products or hire your services. For example, can you provide a personal touch your customers will not receive from big corporations? Maybe you have a smaller customer base, so you can focus your time and attention on providing your clients with the highest-quality service. Sit down and work out the many reasons why you are better than your competitors. Once you have done so, you will need to promote your USP at every opportunity on your website and across your social media, content marketing or email marketing posts.

Launch an Attractive, Easy to Use Website

A company website will provide the front door to your family business. You must, therefore, ensure your website is both attractive, helpful and easy to use to build trust in your brand and increase your conversions. It is essential the site reflects your branding and is easy to navigate. It’s also essential your website experiences next to no downtime, as 98% of organizations have stated an hour of downtime costs an average of $100,000.

You must also incorporate well-written, insight content on your site, as well as high-quality photographs and contact information. Don’t forget to share a little bit about who you are and the history of the company to connect with your visitors.

Build an Online Presence

In addition to creating an aesthetically-pleasing website, you must build a presence online through digital marketing. It is unrealistic to expect a flurry of traffic to visit your website once it is live. You must work to take the necessary steps to increase your brand awareness, improve your rank in the search engines and encourage visitors to your website.

If you don’t know where to start, it is advisable to contact digital marketing experts, who can help you build a website, develop a search marketing campaign and launch an engaging social media or email marketing strategy. Visit, a full-service digital marketing agency, to help your family business from its branding to an effective marketing strategy backed by data science.

Treat Your Customers Like Family

Your customers should be viewed as an extension of your family. After all, you could not run your business without them. Build a legacy by treating every customer or client as if they are a member of your much-loved clan, which will encourage loyalty and word of mouth marketing. People don’t want to buy from businesses, they want to buy from people. So, care for your customers and provide a personal touch that will make them return to you time and again. It could be the key to your family businesses longevity in the industry.

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