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Apple Kids Craft ~ Fun & Simple Place Setting Cards

Apple Kids Craft ~ Fun & Simple Place Setting Cards What better way to decorate the table than a super cute Apple kid's craft?! Kids just love when they are able to help by doing big kid things and setting the table with these adorable apple place setting cards will be a sure fire hit that is loved by kids and adults a like. I used napkins instead of tissue paper because the napkins tend to be a little stronger and easier for your little ones to handle but tissue paper would work great … [Read more...]

36 Halooween Recipes & Crafts From My Coupon Lady

Welcome to the 31 Day Blog Challenge where I am taking party with a few fellow bloggers.  As bloggers we are constantly trying to make ourselves better and improve on what we offer to our readers.  One of the biggest challenges for myself is that I want to promote my fellow bloggers more.  As you look around the net there is millions of other recipes, helpful articles on any subject and some just plain funny posts that will put a smile on your face.  I hope you enjoy the 31 … [Read more...]

DIY Decorative Fall Mason Jar Lanterns

DIY Decorative Fall Mason Jar Lanterns These Fall DIY jar lanterns are an easy and great way to set up your house for the fall holidays coming up! They don’t require a lot of work and are an awesome look for putting them along the walkway to light up your house or putting them on the table to give a dim lighting to a room! There are two different methods I have provided for you for the jars! So let’s get started on the first one! Money Spent to make both jars: $4 Time Spent to make both … [Read more...]

Homemade Candy Corn Halloween Wreath ~ Make Your Own For $5

This adorable Homemade Candy Corn Halloween Wreath is a bit tedious but super easy and looks so cute out on display outside your house! It looks so cute and will draw a ton of positive attention to your house during the Halloween holiday!  Hard to believe that this Candy Corn Halloween Wreath can be made for around $5 and less than a hour and a half.   Let’s get started on how to make this thing already!! The Cast Of Homemade Candy Corn Halloween Wreath Orange Pool Noodle ($1 at … [Read more...]

Homemade Halloween Wreath For Only $3

This Halloween Wreath is a very frugal way to make your very own customized wreath for Halloween time. It is the perfect addition to add to your door to welcome all the little trick-or-treaters looking to get some candy!! I loved making this wreath and I hope you do too!  With only $3 and 45 minutes of time invested I will be sporting this fun Halloween Wreath this October. The Cast To Make Your Own Halloween Wreath Wire Hanger (had on hand) Black and orange ribbon ($1 at the dollar … [Read more...]

Re-purposed Orange Peel Bird Feeder Craft

The next time you are enjoying a delicious orange, don’t pitch that peel. Who would have thought that a simple orange peel would actually make the perfect bird feeder? There is no need to spend big bucks on a plastic store bought feeder, especially if you have squirrels in your yard who will wreak havoc on it anyways. Instead, opt for this re-purposed orange peel bird feeder that the birds will love and the squirrels will even enjoy when the birds are done. Not sure how to create one? No … [Read more...]

24 Awesome Father’s Day Ideas

Father's Day is right around the corner and for those of us who slightly procrastinate (like myself) there are a few ideas that can be finished before this Sunday and nobody will ever know you weren't actually ready (don't read that Cory!). Whether it's dinner, treats or a homemade gift we have you covered.  Candy Bar Poems are always huge hit and the Grill Hands mitts are probably one of my favorite.  Cory doesn't wear grill mitts but if he did I know he would be getting a … [Read more...]

25 Mother’s Day Gifts & Recipes To Spoil Your Mom

May showers bring in the holiday of Mother's Day. For many this brings up thoughts of homemade gifts and breakfast in bed that the husband and kiddos cooked. Boy do I hope the trend in my house changes because we generally have someone sick or another matter that out ways Mother's Day. For the last 5 years all I have wanted for Mother's Day is breakfast in a restaurant. Breakfast is my favorite meal to eat out because, well really it's my favorite meal, period. Breakfast in a restaurant … [Read more...]

25 Teacher Gift Ideas

Teacher Appreciation week starts May 6th - 10th and I am all into it this year. While I was doing my student teaching I had a mom who made each day of the week special for her childrens teachers and it really made an impact. If I can get my stuff together this week Coulter's teachers will be receiving one of these adorable tote bags (tutorial by Missouri Star Quilt Company) on that Thursday (we have a 4 day school week). I had better get my butt in gear because I have yet to start. … [Read more...]

CreativeKrate Makes Crafting & Learning Easy

Just when I thought Winter was over and Spring was here to stay I was wrong.  I had even promised the boys that I would load up the dump trucks and the tricycle and take them to the park.  While snow doesn’t usually scare us off it does when it is wet snow and I just know the park will be mud instead of dirt and grass. What is a mom to do when she has made a promise she can’t keep (why do I say promise, you think I would know better)?  I break out the newest package to show up at my door … [Read more...]

Easy Thanksgiving Craft Ideas for Families

Thanksgiving is a season for gathering, eating, visiting friends and relatives whishing thanks for everything in your life. This makes it an amazing period to make arts as well as craft work with the ones that you love! No matter whether your friends and relatives are six years old or sixty, crafts will enhance expressions of adore, happiness, excitement, and creativity which could make this season one you may always remember. Hand turkeys: Try to make these exactly like the ones you made … [Read more...]

Homemade Sidewalk Paint

Temperatures across the country are rising and that means more time spent outdoors.  Use this easy peasy  frugal recipe below for sidewalk paint. Homemade Sidewalk Paint 1/3 cup cornstarch 1/3 cup water 1-2 drops food coloring    While I have listed measurements they are all easily adjusted.  In all reality you need equal parts water and cornstarch.  Grab a paintbrush and off you go.  This recipe for sidewalk paint will go on yet and dry to … [Read more...]

Packing Peanut Fun!

What am I going to do with ALL THESE PACKING PEANUTS??? Ever get a box in the mail FULL of packing peanuts?? They get EVERYWHERE!!! So why not have some fun with them??  The HISTORY of Packing Peanuts: Packing Peanuts were invented in 1965 by the Dow Chemical Company. Traditional Different COLORS of packing peanuts: GREEN- environmentally friendly (at least 70% comes from recycled material) WHITE- at least 70% are NON-recycled material PINK- peanuts that have been chemically treated … [Read more...]

Paper Snowflakes – Great For The Little Ones

You can get directions from a lot of different places. Here are some basic ones with a circle but can be adapted the same principle applies to a square.  We used our paper that we finger painted on the other day to get us some color in our snowflakes.  White or colored construction paper works wonders.  :) … [Read more...]

Children’s Activity: Half Mask Mosaic

This is great for kids who don’t like full masks or for princess/ ball costumes. The word mosaic means: A picture or decorative design made by setting small colored pieces, as of stone or tile, into a surface or the process of art of making such pictures or designs. … [Read more...]