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Earn $100 Towards Your Kids College Education + $10,000 College Sweepstakes

What a busy day today was.  I felt like I was running in 30 directions and the last direction I hit was MOPS.  Talk about some much needed mommy time.  It really is some of my favorite time of the week because I get to go have adult conversations.  To start of the month we always have a guest speaker come talk to us and today's speaker really hit home.  For some the thought IRA's, mutual funds, retirement funds and college savings accounts are to much to handle, but for me I LOVE LOVE LOVE … [Read more...]

Create a Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness Plan for the Family

The world has been facing some devastating weather events as well as a rise in the price of food. It is important to have food and necessary supplies on hand when an emergency arises. It may also be used as a way to save money in the long term as well. Here are the basic steps involved with creating a food storage and emergency preparedness plan for the family when crisis occurs. The first step involved with storing food for emergencies is finding a place to keep things safe. It is best to … [Read more...]

The Dos and Dont’s of Giveaways

So you want to enter an online giveaway? In today’s world of blogs, social networking sites, mass marketing, and personal websites, it seems like everybody is offering something for nothing. Companies use giveaways to promote their products, increase their customer base, and develop repeat and loyal customers. Depending on the company, and the media they use to promote their giveaway, you can often find some pretty amazing free stuff out there in Cyberspace. But it isn’t always as easy as it … [Read more...]

You’ll Never Guess What My Daughter Swallowed!

So yesterday was an eventful day in the Allalunis household.  It all started at nap time..... I recently had a huge molar pulled and have been literally counting the seconds until I can put my kids down for their naps and lie down too.  Unfortunately for me, the kids don't always want to sleep (and it's still illegal to drug them right?!)  Add to that the fact that my two-year-old has learned to crawl out of her crib and nap time is rapidly becoming less of a time of rest and more … [Read more...]

Is that necessary??

It feels like technology is taking over every aspect of our lives.  I was at a meeting at the park yesterday and one of the gals didn't have a cell phone and the looks that came across the faces of the rest of the group was definitely surprise.  Including my own.  I believe that our children are growing up in a different world and need to be brought up to speed with working on the new technology, but I also believe that it shouldn't come with a high cost.  Let's face it … [Read more...]

Sleeping Through the Night – how many kids actually do that?!

I'm sitting down to write to you all in a little bit of a daze.  You see, my youngest little girl Jilly has appearantly decided that sleep is for the weak so she prefers to stay up for most of the night.  You know that you've officially become a parent when you sleep three hours in a row and it seems like a LOT!  Before I became a mommy, I used to think that babies were supposed to sleep through the night by the time they were like 6 weeks old, but that hasn't turned out to be the … [Read more...]

Free Write April

A year or so ago my Internet usage consisted mainly of checking my email, my school site and (duh) of course Facebook. Thanks to Brandy who introduced me to an entirely awesome dimension of the Internet I can continue my obsession to find deals. Really it makes me feel like I get a jab back at the economy/government (one point each). As vast as the Internet is I keep finding new sites, that lead to new deals that lead to more points. Then I was thinking that everybody probably has some favorite … [Read more...]

I forget how blessed I am sometimes

The joke is just for humor.  Really has nothing to do with the post.  Enjoy! Oh the day has come that we have placed both boys in daycare two days a week so that I can have time to myself and to get some things done in the house.  I know I am spoiled rotten that I am able to do this and very fortunate.  I have always known how fortunate I am that I have a husband who goes to work everyday without complaint (ok that's pushing it) to make sure that I can stay home with the … [Read more...]

My brush with fame…

Well, I have had a couple of opportunities to meet the rich and famous.  Probably only famous to the country music world.  In the town that I grew up, we always have a kick off to summer celebration called Grand Old West Days, and it generally involved a peformance by an up and coming country music artist.  One particular year it was Andy Griggs.The year that Andy Griggs came to town I was cocktailing at the local Holiday Inn bar and that was where Andy Griggs and the … [Read more...]

Decisions, Decisions………………

Over the past couple of days, I have come fact-to-face with several extremely important parental decisions that have completely turned my household upside down.  Decisions about everything from whether or not to continue vaccinating to circumcision have suddenly landed at my feet - and I am terrified of making the wrong choice.  As I sat in the doctor's office today, discussing whether or not to circumcise my five year old son due to some problems he has been having after spending … [Read more...]

Raise Them How??

I was recently asked to review children behavior, and guiding type books. This got me to thinking about the morals I want my boys to have to survive succeed in life, whatever they may chose. When I first became a parent I didn't think about this stuff (sleep was actually on my mind, a lot). However knowing that I am responsible for guiding these boys be be kind, respectful and independent men is a lot of pressure. Some of the things I want my boys to be is understanding, good morals … [Read more...]

My Weightloss Journey – Week Three!

Well it's that time again.  Time for me to weigh-in, both on the scale and off, about my crazy life as a mom, student, business woman, and writer trying to lose weight with Studio V.  Okay, that sounds a little melodramatic, but the truth is I sometimes feel like I need about 100 hours to be added to each day to find time to meet all of my responsibilities.  This has been a tough week for me - early on in the week I was still struggling to overcome some health problems, and by … [Read more...]

Finding Joy in the Small Moments

Earlier today, I was thinking about writing a post for a blog promotion about what we do to make our family happy.  I missed the deadline for the post, but as I rifled through the scattered mess I call my brain these days (the baby's teething and up all night and my two-year old has learned how to escape from her crib and is thus opting out of naptime at the moment), I suddenly realized that my whole life seems to be about making somebody other than myself happy.  Every … [Read more...]

Week 1 With Studio V – and so it Begins!

Okay everyone, as promised I am back to update you on my weight-loss progress using the Studio V website.  I've been keeping a brief journal that I'll post for you here, but I wanted to take a minute to share some observations with you.  First, losing weight is hard.  Seriously, this stuff is not for sissies :-).  My body is sore all the time, and the fat girl inside is constantly fighting with my much-abused will power to give it all up and eat ice cream. Second, even … [Read more...]

Motherhood in March

Whenever I am at the store or just running errands with my kids, when I am feeling flustered, tired and grouchy, someone without fail will pat me on my shoulder, give me a sympathetic smile and tell me I will miss them when they get older. I am thinking, why couldn't that 'missing them' feeling be spread out among all the chaos? Like a mini vacation?. Ahhh. My children, my life, I love them to pieces. I must outright admit I admire you stay at home moms! You are amazing and don't let anyone tell … [Read more...]