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The Do’s and Don’ts to Planning a Vacation

Family Travel Made Easier With The Hyatt Place

Once you have money saved in the bank for a vacation, all that will be left to do is book it. Yet there are some big mistakes you could make that could impact your bank balance or experience. Read the dos and don’ts to planning a vacation. Do Enjoy the Planning Process Studies have found the most enjoyable part of a vacation is the planning process, as there will be much excitement and anticipation ahead of the trip. So, if you want to extend the feelings of happiness, you should … [Read more...]

Fun Family Activities

Here are 7 tips for camping with babies that will help ease the stress and help things go more smoothly. - Farmer's Wife Rambles - Farmer's Wife Rambles

Family bonds can become stronger by spending time together. The best way to do so is with family time activities. The activities can range from budget-friendly options to extravagant, as well as indoor versus outdoor. A family road trip, for instance, is one great way to spend longer periods of time together as a family. Should there not be enough time, families could simply spend an afternoon or evening together baking. Yet another option is setting up a family board game night or going on a … [Read more...]

4 Ways To Update Your Look

nail art

There are many reasons why people decide to update their look, yet one of the most common reasons is the fact that they want to break free from a routine and try something new. The way you dress, do your makeup and hair tell a lot about you, and sometimes this can seem boring after awhile. Furthermore, if you feel good about what you are wearing, it is a lot easier to make a good first impression. If you’re unhappy with your appearance, it might be time to make a change. It is normal to get … [Read more...]

4 Tips to Stay Fit on a Farm

If you are unable to grow a garden or just want to supplement your own produce with more fresh foods, a farmers’ market is a great place to go. Children can learn about local foods, what grows in the area and what is absent.

It is quite natural to wonder why someone who is living in a farm would need tips for staying fit, given that farming is a strenuous job and you do have instant access to fresh food all the time. However, the truth is that farming is not the same as it used to be and while that’s a good thing in terms of productivity, it also means that farmers and others who stay on a farm are not as physically active as they used to be a few decades ago.  Besides, what if you are just visiting a farm … [Read more...]

Thinking About Renovating the Basement but There is a Strange Smell

When preparing your house to sale you should paint your property neutral colors to appeal to more buyers.

If you happen to own a home with a basement, there’s a good chance that it was part of the decision-making process when you first got your home. A basement offers all kinds of additional living space and can be transformed and used in many different ways. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about finishing off or renovating your basement for years now and finally, the time has come. You have the finances ready to take it on, and you’ve got the available time, but there’s just one problem: … [Read more...]

Simple Ways To Get Your Outdoor Spaces Ready To Enjoy This Summer

Planting an herb garden with gloves and tools on a table.

Summer may still feel like it is more than a few months away but in reality, it will be here before we know it. Now is a great time to start thinking about changes you can make to your outdoor spaces or garden in order to get the most enjoyment out of them. The days will be longer and warmer in a couple of months’ time! When your garden, patio, deck, driveway and other outdoor areas are looking their best and furnished with nice places to relax, you can really make the most of good weather … [Read more...]

Rural Living: These Are the Easiest Animals to Raise on a Small Farm

Life on a small farm can be a time of fun and quiet enjoyment, but it can also mean adding extra work if you choose to raise a few animals. While you wouldn’t want to raise livestock that would require large fields upon which to graze, there are several small animals ideally suited to small farms. Some of these animals can be used for food and other for shearing and yes, even poop for garden fertilizer! Whether you have just moved to your small farm or are finally considering raising a few … [Read more...]

Five Top Tips for a Successful Family Camping Trip

Camping is a fun, family-friendly vacation idea that can leave you with many happy memories. For many parents, camping is an ideal option since it can be inexpensive and a great way to spend more time in nature with your family. Kids can learn a lot from a camping trip, from basic survival skills to activities such as fishing and hunting. If you are planning to take your family camping for a vacation, then making sure that everybody has fun and stays safe should be a top priority. We’ve put … [Read more...]

Perfecting Your Property: How to Prepare Your Home for Sale

How to Prepare Your Home for Sale

Are you planning to put your property back on the market? If so, you will need to ensure it is in tip-top condition to attract as many buyers as possible and to get the best price. If you want to whip it into shape, find out how to prepare your home for sale. Improve Your Curb Appeal First impressions count when selling a property. If it fails to impress a potential buyer at first glance, your home could enjoy a lengthy time on the market. It is therefore essential to improve its curb … [Read more...]

5 Budget-Friendly Baby Shower Menu Ideas

Baby Shower Menu Ideas

If you’ve been tasked with organizing a baby shower for your friend or relative, you’re bound to have questions: who should you invite, should you serve alcohol, and how will you ever throw the perfect party without blowing your budget? Luckily, hosting a thrifty get-together is easy, and there are tons of resources online that can help you plan an entertaining and memorable event. You can find printable decorations, crafty inspiration, and gift ideas online to help you plan a budget … [Read more...]

Five Everyday Problems & How To Solve Them

text on a typewrite of take a deep breath

Whenever you are faced with a crisis, it is important that you stay cool, calm, and collected.  It’s the only way that will help you to resolve the issue as soon as possible and to limit the  amount of damage. Even if you struggle to manage your stress levels, it is still possible for  you to take charge. All you need is a plan in advance. Try thinking about all of the everyday problems that you are likely to face. Then, work out the steps that you will need to take to resolve … [Read more...]

How to Promote a Family Business Online

Without an online presence, you’re less likely to prosper nowadays. Find out how to promote a family business online. - Farmer's Wife Rambles

The world is full of large corporations and companies, which can often appear cold and unhelpful. It may, therefore, be no surprise that family businesses are one of the biggest and most lucrative business entities in the world, as they are believed to create an estimated 70-90% of global GDP annually. If you run a family business and want to compete against larger rivals to attract customers, you must start marketing your products and services on the internet. Without an online presence, … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Make Winter Geocaching Successful

There are some things to take into consideration, however, if you are going to be geocaching in the winter. Here are five ways to make your winter geocaching successful. - Farmer's Wife Rambles

There are many outdoor activities that can only be done in one season or another. Luckily for the people who enjoy it, geocaching is not one of those activities. Geocaching is a game where people look for objects that have been hidden, based on the object’s coordinates using a GPS, or a Global Positioning System. Because of this, geocaching can be enjoyed all year round. There are some things to take into consideration, however, if you are going to be geocaching in the winter. Here are five … [Read more...]

The Uses of GIS Type Mapping to Aid Farmers

Wisconsin Dairy Cows In A Line

Individuals around the world have concerns about their country's future agricultural efforts. Poorer countries that face long droughts and other agricultural challenges are getting some assistance with the help of GIS mapping. This mapping method relies on satellite images and aerial photography. Farmers now can see a layered map of their unique land that allows them more options for planning crops, evaluating the need of pesticides and having preparations in place for expected adverse weather … [Read more...]

3 Tips to Get Your Kids into Sports

You can emphasize that sports aren’t only a great, fun way to meet people and to make new friends, but you should also educate your kids about why they need to get their body active.

Did you spend your youth outside, bike riding, playing ball games with your friends in the park or even walking your family’s much-loved dog? Chances are that your own kids have a sedentary lifestyle than you did as a child. Changes in our diets and the rise of technology and gadgets could be making your children less active, and even overweight if you aren’t careful. There’s no reason to panic though, even if your kids aren’t truly interested in sports. However, by making a few subtle … [Read more...]