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The Most Amazing Easy Biscuit Recipe Ever

If you open my refrigerator one thing that you will always find is whipping cream. I use it for so many things including homemade whip cream, part of my morning coffee and the most AMAZING easy biscuit recipe you will ever eat. These whip cream biscuits are the best biscuits I've ever had. They truly melt in your mouth! Not only do these biscuits melt in your mouth but remember I told you they were easy! By easy I mean that they only require 3 ingredients and because I don't mess around … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Pie Stuffed Crepes ~ #DaisyCottageCheese #DaisyDifference

Today’s recipe on Pumpkin Pie Stuffed Crepes is sponsored by Daisy Brand, but my love for their Daisy Cottage Cheese is all my own! Sunday mornings in my house are often leisurely and filled with a family favorite breakfast. Cory doesn't eat breakfast most days (bad I know) and now that the boys have started school they either their breakfast there. Sunday mornings allow us to have some of our favorite breakfasts together as a family and seems to kick the last "break day" off on the … [Read more...]

10 Minute BBQ Pulled Beef Brisket Quesadillas

This is a sponsored post for Farm Rich Smokehouse BBQ #smokehousebbq products, but all opinions are my own! I’m all for sharing a yummy and delicious recipe that I’ve cooked for my family. Giving you a recipe from my kitchen to yours is truly a pleasure. This is a very simple recipe that doesn’t take many ingredients and the ingredients are probably something you already have on hand. The pulled beef brisket that I used for this recipe can be ready to go in ten minutes or less, … [Read more...]

Oreo Dessert Bar Recipe

Last year we dog sat for a friend and as a thank you she brought over a Tupperware filled with these Oreo Dessert Bars.  I couldn't believe that I had never had these Oreo Dessert Bars before but I sadly admit that I ate the almost the entire tupperware container myself.  I don't hide many goodies from the other members in my house but these Oreo Dessert Bars could only be found in my secret hiding place.     With much restraint I was able to make this medium size … [Read more...]

Fanta Orange Poppy Seed Bundt Cake ~ #SpookySnacks #CollectiveBias #shop

This #SpookySnacks shop has been compensated by #CollectiveBias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions as always are 100% my own. If we’re being honest here, sometimes it’s nice to break outside of the ordinary and have a dessert or snack prepared that not everyone has had before. Are you ready to see what creative measures I have taken for this fun Halloween Snack with the help of #CollectiveBias and Fanta? My kids, husband, and I are all huge Fanta lovers and we are headed to a … [Read more...]

4 Cooking In A Slow Cooker Tips + Slow Cooker Whole Chicken Recipe

This post on 4 Slow Cooker Cooking Tips and the Set & Forget Programmable Slow Cooker is brought to you on behalf of my partnership with Hamilton Beach.  I did receive a Set & Forget Programmable Slow Cooker as compensation but this did not influence this post in anyway.  Cooking your family’s dinner in a slow cooker allows you to be frugal and wise about time. If you don’t know how to cook in a slow cooker, it can take some getting used to, but I promise it's … [Read more...]

Cinnamon & Sugar Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Have you ever tried anything like these pumpkin seeds? I'm excited to show you how I make these Cinnamon & Sugar Pumpkin Seeds for my family. It's very simple and a recipe you can add to the books for many years to come. I also enjoy the fact that my kids can jump in and help me make these pumpkin seeds. Let's fall into fun while making this recipe!   Cinnamon & Sugar Roasted Pumpkin Seeds     You have plenty of seeds to make these Cinnamon & Sugar Roasted … [Read more...]

Mouthwatering Apple Pie Enchiladas Recipe

As I mentioned last week with my Apple Cinnamon Apples, fall is in the air and I couldn't be happier.  The crisp mornings are revitalizing to me and the smells this time of year are over powering.  Apple & pumpkin recipes can be found every where you look and this is yet more amazing thing about Fall.  Every Fall I start the hunt for new recipes to make with the abundance of apples and pumpkin and this year I remembered a post that I had seen circulating last … [Read more...]

Easy Shish Kabob Recipe + Party Essentials At Walmart

This post on Easy Shish Kabob Recipe + Party Essentials At Walmart is in collaboration with DataRank, Kingsford and Walmart.  Living in the area that I do it can be hard to really tailgate often but that doesn't mean we don't like to root for our favorite teams and get a little crazy once in awhile.  Games big and small are a reason to party at our house.  I am always looking for a reason to have people over!  I love the crowds and I love to see smiles on … [Read more...]

Vanilla Cupcake Recipe From Scratch + Crisco Based Buttercream + $500 #SweetworksFall Giveaway

This is a Fashionista Event and a promotional item was provided to me by Sweetworks. Hosts for this event are Still Blonde after all these Years and ModlyChic. I love Halloween! Ok honestly it's the candy I love.  I MIGHT have a mild sweet tooth! There is very little candy that I don't like.  So when I got to do a whole post on candy from a trusted company like Sweetworks you bet I jumped at it.  Who wouldn't love receiving a $100 candy prize pack in the mail … [Read more...]

Cinnamon Apple Recipe + 11 Cinnamon Apple Uses

The leaves in Colorado have been saying Fall for several weeks now and the calendar officially agrees! Fall is officially here and let me tell you I am loving it minus the pesky flies!  Winter used to be my favorite time of year but as I get older I believe that award now goes to fall.  The changing of leaves makes for gorgeous views, waking up to the crisp morning air, smells of pumpkin and apple spice are filling the air and as a whole I think we band together a bit more as a … [Read more...]

Count Them: 41 Tempting Chocolate Cake Recipes

Chocolate cake is one of the most asked for cake flavors.  Chocolate cake can be served in a variety of ways with a variety of additions.  With my husbands birthday this last weekend I thought I would do a round-up of some of the best chocolate cake recipes from my fellow bloggers.  My husbands favorite cake is always a 3 layer chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.  This year he got his wish with a little bit of raspberry filling tucked in between the layers.  The … [Read more...]

Easy Soup Recipe Alert: Hearty Peasant Soup

For the last three years I have been booking a girls retreat in a small Colorado get away town.  We rent a house and cram 12 of us women in there.  12 women who bring a craft or 10 to work on and 4 days of pajamas.  In the last three years none of have left the house other than to run into the city because one of us decided we had to have a sewing machine after we got started.   One aspect of this girls retreat is that we all pick a partner and a meal and we cook! … [Read more...]

Best 10 Tailgating Essentials + Easy French Onion Burgers

This post on the Best 10 Tailgating Essentials is brought to you by my partnership as a Datarank blogger, Walmart & Kingsford. One of my family’s favorite times of the year is football season. During football season you will see us at our favorite games tailgating. Since I’m a busy mama I like to prep things to make tailgating a lot easierand less stressful. I wanted to share with you my top ten tailgating essentials. Let’s get to grilling! Best 10 Tailgating Essentials 1. Charcoal … [Read more...]

Simple Steak Marinade Packed With Flavor

My husband is a meat man.  Rarely is a meal served in our house without meat being a main ingredient.  I will admit though that sometimes this can be tough.  I am always on the hunt for new recipes that make the meat the star of the meal but isn't always the same old thing.     Recently I came across Dale Sauce in the ketchup aisle and our family has taken a liking to it.  I do want to make a note that you need to look for the low sodium version of … [Read more...]