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Cotton Candy Scented Recipe For Playdough

Do you need something fun to do with the kiddos? I have the perfect solution! Cotton Candy Scented Playdough! My kids have always been overly excited about playdough and I love them for that. First of all, this recipe for playdough is super easy, which makes my life that much easier. And the kids also enjoyed playing with it. I think playdough takes us back to a simpler time in life when we don’t have to worry about all the hard stuff. Sometimes even I sit down and play with them using … [Read more...]

Teaching Shapes – DIY Shape Car Garage

Are you in the process of trying to teach shapes to your little ones? A cool approach that I’ve done with my boys in the past is known as a Shape Car Garage. Here’s how you easily make this shape car garage, seriously the hardest part is finding the right box. Teaching Shapes - DIY Shape Car Garage Supplies Cardboard Box (preferably small) Markers Toy Cars Directions Open up the box or cut an opening in a box. Make parking spaces in the box, just like you’d see in a … [Read more...]

Busy Bag Activity ~ Pom Pom Sorting Fun

Busy Bag Activity ~ Pom Pom Sorting Fun I love creating fun activities for my boys to participate in. If you have several little children at home and need to find a way to occupy them, then this busy bag activity is for you. If you’re ready to introduce your kids to some fun, then dive in! #1. Gathering the Materials This busy bag might require some thought beforehand. What I mean by that is you need a container for the “Pom Pom Sorting” Busy Bag. You can really use anything you want. … [Read more...]

Busy Bag Activity ~ Highway Shapes

Busy Bag Activity ~ Highway Shapes How many of you have boys that seem to be bored a lot? I came across this awesome Busy Bag Activity and had to adapt it for my own kids (a shout out to Cody and Chelsea Groves Blog for the inspiration). As a mom of all boys, it’s my duty to find them things to do that will last more than 5 seconds. For this activity bag, you will want to find “highway” shaped cards because the purpose of this activity bag is making car roads out of shapes. Luckily, … [Read more...]

Busy Bag Activity – Heavy Crane Math

Welcome to the second activity in the busy bag activity series. This weeks busy bag activity is inspired by Number Gobbling Busy Bag over at Bits & Pieces From My Life.  I love the idea so much but knew that I had to adapt it for my own children.  While her sharks are adorable my boys are more into trains, tractors, trucks and construction equipment.  I had purchased the construction clipart sometime ago and love when I get the chance to use it, are you seeing a theme yet of my … [Read more...]

Busy Bag Activity – Pool Noodle Sorting & Counting

The boys have been enjoying their busy bag immensely and I can admit that I am rather in love with it as well. Their favorite activity from the bag is the pool noodle sorting and counting activity so I thought I would start with that activity as I share with you what what we received during our busy bag activity swap. The pool noodle sorting and counting bag is a very inexpensive bag, especially if you have young children who already are in need of a pool noodle for actual swimming, otherwise … [Read more...]

Busy Bag Activities Are Perfect For A Long Car Ride

Summer is here and for many including myself that means traveling. Family vacations can equal hundreds if not thousands of miles and that means memories will be made for in the future. Right? You know the memories that everyone has of going to Disney Land, Mount Rushmore or the zoo two states over. All if it can equal some amazing memories, a few to be had now and even more memories to fill in ten years from now. Why do the memories always seem to get better as we age? Possibly because we … [Read more...]