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School Morning Routine Checklist Free Printable

School has started with for both boys and that makes mornings crazy.  I know it's not just me!  Getting kids ready and out the door before 7 can be tough when they both need different things.  This simple checklist is a go to guide for the boys to make sure they have their stuff ready before they head out the door.  It saves me from running around like a chicken without my head finding their stuff because I don't want them to miss the bus.  That just creates extra work … [Read more...]

Lunch Box Notes Free Printable

School is in session here in Colorado and for many that means it's also time to start packing lunches.  These little Lunch Box Notes make for a cute little hi to the kids midway through their day.  My little tip though because most lunch box notes are packed with color is to print them and laminate them.  If they get messy in the lunch box you can give them a quick wipe and be good to go.  With several choices available to grab you can mix it up so that the kids don't see the … [Read more...]

3 Ways To Continue Learning Through The Summer

3 Ways To Continue Learning Through The Summer Summer is quickly approaching, and whether you're a stay at home mom, a working mom, a homeschooling mom, or one that sends her children to public school (or maybe a combination of all of them), you are probably trying to think of ways to keep your kids interested in school during those summer months. Here are three great tips to help your children stay focused on education as they enjoy their vacation. There's An App For It Okay, so you may … [Read more...]

5 Must Reads For Your First Grader

5 Must Reads For Your First Grader It’s summertime and that means your child needs to keep learning. There is only one way to keep your child learning and that’s through reading. Here are five books your first grader needs to read this summer. Frog and Toad Are Friends by Arnold Lobel If you didn’t read Frog and Toad when you were a kid, you are totally missing out. This is such a fun book for all ages, but especially for first graders. There are also five stories in this book, so … [Read more...]

Kindergarten Readiness Checklist

Kindergarten Readiness Checklist Are you nervous about your child not being ready for kindergarten? Do not worry, you still have time to make sure your child is prepared. You do not need to send your child to a special tutor because you are capable of preparing your child for kindergarten right at home. Whether you are homeschooling or sending your child to public school, this list works for both situations. Let’s start with general readiness: Your child should be able to listen to basic … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Teach The ABC’s

5 Ways To Teach The ABC's If you’re like most preschool moms, you are starting to freak out a little that your child might not know his or her ABC’s yet. Have no fear because most Kindergarteners are not one hundred percent familiar with their alphabet by the time they reach their first year of school. If the 3 year old is ready and so are you, then it’s wise to go ahead and get started on the alphabet learning process. Don’t know where to start? Well, here are a few great … [Read more...]

25 Teacher Gift Ideas

Teacher Appreciation week starts May 6th - 10th and I am all into it this year. While I was doing my student teaching I had a mom who made each day of the week special for her childrens teachers and it really made an impact. If I can get my stuff together this week Coulter's teachers will be receiving one of these adorable tote bags (tutorial by Missouri Star Quilt Company) on that Thursday (we have a 4 day school week). I had better get my butt in gear because I have yet to start. … [Read more...]