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Free Halloween Safety Tips Printable

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween always brings about excitement in our house.  The boys of course love dressing up as their favorite characters and have had some doozy costumes in the past.  This year is no different.  Before you head out to go Trick or Treating it doesn't hurt to go over some safety rules with your children.  Enjoy this free Halloween Safety Printable to go over with your children.  If your a teacher this makes a fun printable to send home to parents as a reminder. … [Read more...]

Free Candy Color Sorter ~ Homeschool Printables

Candy Color Sorter Homeschool Printables

Halloween is not only a fun time for the kids but it's a great opportunity to have some fun learning.  Break out all that candy the kids received this year and work on colors with the little guys, addition with the older ones.  Heck you could even make the kids multiply  and divide colors by other colors.  The possibilities are endless with this Free Candy Color Sorter ~ Homeschool Printables. Enjoy this Free Candy Color Sorter ~ Homeschool Printables, I suggest … [Read more...]

4 Fun Non-Scary Halloween Books


I swear I must shelter my kids or because of their sensitive personalities we still can't do anything scary.  By that I mean nothing scary as my kids still can't handle Scooby Doo, The Lion King (can you believe that is 20 years old), The Little Mermaid (we hard Ursula nightmares for weeks) or just about anything else with a bad guy/girl.  This makes Halloween a tricky time of year.  A time of year filled with ghosts, goblins and creepy things in the night that jump out at you. … [Read more...]

Free Halloween Printables Activity Book

Free Halloween Printables Activity Book

Enjoy this Free Halloween Printables Activity Book, I suggest laminating any of the color sheets to be used multiple times.  I do this with all of my printables and have even purchased a binder so that I can turn any of them into little books.  They work great to take in the car for long car trips which we do plenty of.  The page binder that I purchased lets you open the binding to remove or add pages as needed.   Click the picture above or the link below to start … [Read more...]

Free Halloween Printable Lunch Box Notes

Halloween Printable Lunch Box Notes

Halloween is nearing!  Send your little ones off to school with these Halloween Printable Lunch Box Notes.  It gives them a little pick me up half way through the day and is sure to bring a smile to your little ones (or big ones) face.  As with most printables I do laminate them to be used multiple times.  Once laminated they can be used multiple times as I said and if they get dirty in the lunchbox they can be given a quick scrub.  Laminating them also … [Read more...]

Homemade Candy Corn Halloween Wreath ~ Make Your Own For $5

Homemade Candy Corn Wreath For $5

This adorable Homemade Candy Corn Halloween Wreath is a bit tedious but super easy and looks so cute out on display outside your house! It looks so cute and will draw a ton of positive attention to your house during the Halloween holiday!  Hard to believe that this Candy Corn Halloween Wreath can be made for around $5 and less than a hour and a half.   Let’s get started on how to make this thing already!! The Cast Of Homemade Candy Corn Halloween Wreath Orange Pool Noodle ($1 … [Read more...]

Homemade Halloween Wreath For Only $3

Halloween Wreath

This Halloween Wreath is a very frugal way to make your very own customized wreath for Halloween time. It is the perfect addition to add to your door to welcome all the little trick-or-treaters looking to get some candy!! I loved making this wreath and I hope you do too!  With only $3 and 45 minutes of time invested I will be sporting this fun Halloween Wreath this October. The Cast To Make Your Own Halloween Wreath Wire Hanger (had on hand) Black and orange ribbon ($1 at the dollar … [Read more...]

Midnight Margarita Recipe – 21+

I am headed out to a Halloween party on Saturday night and while there will be plenty of kids activities including slime, peeled grapes, goop, bobbing for apples, I have to admit I am looking forward to the adult part of the evening. We have all pitched and will have babysitters to watch out kids and my husband has agreed to be the driver. I don't agree with getting obnoxiously drunk but once in awhile it is nice to have a couple drinks and not have to worry about the extras. Right? Or is that … [Read more...]