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Guest Post: Crochet: A Great Summer Project for the Whole Family

It is tough to find a good summer project that the whole family can get involved in. It needs to be something that is good for all ages. It needs to be something that caters to multiple interests. And it needs to be something affordable. Crochet fits the bill!

Crochet is easy for all ages
Crochet is something that can be done by almost anyone in the family. Kids can learn to do crochet as young as 3 or 4 years old. It will actually help them improve their motor skills while they learn. But what’s great about crochet compared to many other projects for young kids is that it can also be interesting and challenging for the older kids in the family. There are many different levels of projects and types of techniques so tweens, teens and Mom and Dad can all get in on the fun. And of course grandma can get involved; she probably already knows how to do this craft!
Yes, boys crochet too!
Some people might be thinking that they’ll never get Dad to crochet. However, more and more men are starting to crochet these days so you might be surprised. Get Dad involved in making sports-themed crochet products. Also look for events that combine needlework with more “manly” events. For example, there is a Stitch n Pitch event this summer in Indiana where baseball game watchers are encouraged to crochet during the game.
Crochet can be affordable
It’s important to note that this is a summer project that doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Crochet hooks are affordable and can be found at craft stores. Use a coupon to get a better price! The pricey part is the yarn but even that can be affordable. Start by looking for cheap yarns in the stores near you. Check Freecycle and Craigslist for free yarn giveaways to add to your stash. Keep an eye out for yarn at thrift stores and yard sales this summer. Once you start looking for it you’ll see that there’s affordable yarn all around you. Beware, though – it’s easy to become a yarn snob and start wanting more expensive yarn so you need to stick to a budget!
Crochet is also portable
Another great thing to note about crochet is that it’s a very portable craft. That means that it can go with you to the park, on long car rides and even on your summer vacation. It’s perfect for a summer craft.
Learning crochet as a family
If you already know how to crochet then you can teach the kids yourself or you can ask grandma to give you a lesson if she knows how to do it. But you don’t have to know anything about crochet because it’s something you can learn with your family. Step number one is to get some kids’ books on crochet out of the library. If you get stuck on any of the lessons in those books; don’t fret – that’s what YouTube is for! Between the books and the videos you can easily learn crochet basics without spending any money on the lessons.
Do a family project
The family can crochet individual projects, of course. Blankets, toys, purses and scarves are all popular choices with kids who are learning to crochet. However, you might want to do a family project. For example, you might each make your own granny squares to create an afghan for the whole family. Or you might all work together on a project to crochet for charity (such as Project Linus or Crochet a Rainbow). Have fun with this summer craft!
This is a guest post by Kathryn Vercillo who writes the blog Crochet Concupiscence. On the blog you’ll find interviews with crocheters on Etsy, reviews of crochet books, quotes about crochet and all types of crochet news.