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Top Five: Moving Tips

With all the moving taking place recently at Giveaway Blogdom I felt a top five of could be helpful.  I have moved before, the usual college back to my parents and repeat 9 times.   Never have I moved an entire family and what a difference this was.  We had a lot of help from the hired men and my mom who took our children for a few days.  We had started packing the old house a little before moving day but not really.  In three days we had the old house moved out, into the new one and over 85% of our boxes un-packed.  It was a miracle and here are my tips of how to get it done.

My Top Five Moving Tips

1.  Boxes – I would think this would go without saying but I wish I had a few more boxes (like 100 more).  Sacks go a long ways in thinking you have your stuff packed but let’s face it boxes are better.

2.  Babysitter – Pretty self explanatory.  My children would have impeded our three day process severely.    Thanks Mom!

3.  Start Early –  I thought I was making great progress by having one trailer full before my “movers” showed up.  That was a mistake because with five “movers” and one “packer” I was getting eaten for lunch.  Don’t procrastinate on the packing.  If you don’t need  it every day, PACK IT.

4.  Label Your Boxes –   Now that you have enough boxes don’t forget to label them.  I don’t only mean with what is in them, but where they go.  I used sticky notes on the door ways of all the rooms that would correspond with what was on the boxes.  Then you don’t have the “where does this go” question.

5.  Beer – This is different for everybody invovled but this goes a long way in a move.  Not only for your or your husband at night (the kids are at the sitters remember) but my “movers” loved their payment of beer.  It went a long ways and retraining their brains that it wasn’t really that hard to move the elliptical up the stairs.  Or the two beds that I had them move back downstairs, four dressers hidden in a closet, and a couch…that needed to come back downstairs as well.

What are you moving tips?