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Stop Taking the Backseat to a Healthy Body

– Basic Health Tips That Most Already Know About

There are many online heath tips today, such as:
• Eat three balanced meals every day • Eat three balanced snacks every day
• Exercise every day, if it only means a quick pep step walk
• Lose weight and get weight within a normal body weight range
• Get at least eight hours of peaceful, restful sleep per night
• Practice ‘The Golden Rule’ Do unto others as I would have them do unto me
• Feed your body spiritually • Get rid of the stress you can and try to deal with the stress that your cannot get rid of
• Drink at least 8 eight ounces of water per day

Other health tips include:
• Eat less beef per week and fill in with more chicken, turkey and fish
• Include a good helping of fiber daily
• Try to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables
• If you cannot get fresh then rely on frozen
• Avoid canned goods due to the large amounts of hidden sugar and sodium
• Avoid fried foods at all cost
• Follow the old food pyramid Too much of a bad thing is certainly bad for the body, but the flip side is that too much a good thing is not good either, thus keeping a healthy balance is what everyone should strive for.

-Never Say Diet

A good rule of thumb is to never say diet and never do a diet of any kind. Never deprive yourself of something that you are craving, weather it is a piece of chocolate or a small scoop of ice cream. In order to become healthier:
• Lose weight
• Keep weight in a normal range
• Lifestyle change is eminent
• Use willpower

-Why a Cardio Workout?

Exercises called cardio exercises should be explored, researched and done accordingly. These exercises help to:

• Increase the heart rate and keep it elevated for several seconds
• Incorporate a brisk pep step
• Swimming
• Jogging, or a good run with no breaks in the workout These types of exercises will promote a more natural sleep. If you fatigued during the day then by all means lay down for a 45 minute to one hour nap, to refresh and revamp.

-Why Are Supplements Important?

• People do not eat right
• Takes large amounts of the right foods to get sufficient vitamins and minerals
• Supplement daily diets with a good multi-vitamin

-Stop Taking the Backseat to Health

Most women will agree that while raising their family they have, for many years, taken a backseat to their own health and wellness. This should never happen in the first place, but if it does, then when the kids are grown and gone, it is a time to practice self gratification through paying more attention to ‘you’. Physicals and wellness visits are necessary at least yearly in order to keep abreast of possible health concerns that are trying to take hold. Follow the doctor’s recommendations for:

• A colonoscopy every ten years
• Women should get mammograms at least every year
• Women should have PAP as recommended by their doctor
• Men should have a prostate check and screening at least yearly
• Consider the flu shot every year and the pneumonia vaccine every five years

These simple screening tools will help keep impending health problems at bay.

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