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Cinco de Mayo Dishing It Up Linky Party

Dishing It Up: Cinco de Mayo Recipes

I just joined The Dishing It Up Recipe Hop  and I am excited to be a bought of this new hop brought to you by Crazy Coupon Train, Deals From MS Do, Eating with Mimi, Modern Christian Homemaker, Nifty Thrifty Savings, Savvy Shopper Central, and The Spring Mount 6 Pack.

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, these great chefs have put together enough great recipes to help you throw your own Fiesta. Translated, Cinco de Mayo literally means the fifth of May. Although many people believe that Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican Independence celebration day, it actually isn’t. It’s really a day of celebration for Mexican heritage and pride.

Although your town may not have a large Hispanic population, there are more than 150 cities nationwide that host parades, dances, concerts, and other cultural events in honor of Cinco de Mayo. Interested in bringing a little more of Cinco de Mayo into your home or classroom? Check out the many activities on the website. There are many free resources ready to print and use for your elementary age children.

Cinco-de-Mayo2 from dolores
Want to learn a little Spanish for the fiesta? Check out the website MS Do created for her students to use when she was teaching Elementary Spanish classes. On MS Do’s site, you will find TONS of Spanish activities ready for your family to use or enhance the own knowledge of the Spanish Language. This is a guide to the activities on her site:

F = Flashcards
G = Game
L = something you can Listen to
* = Slow on dial up, but worth it
V = Vocabulary List

Ready to use some of your new found Spanish language to plan your fiesta? There are plenty of tasty recipes below to provide a full meal that will leave them coming back for me.