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Pampers Love, Sleep and Play Wants To Feature Your Babies Photos

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Does your baby have a cute way of playing that just makes your heart melt?  Or maybe they sleep in a funny way that just makes you laugh?  I bet you have a ton of pictures of them doing what they do best!

Pampers has a a new campaign pays tribute to the millions of ways babies uniquely experience love, sleep and play. From now until August 6th parents can go to Pampers facebook page and submit photos of their babies experiencing love, sleep or play for the opportunity to be a part of massive celebration event.

I know you want so share your baby to the whole world, because they are the cutest baby ever! Here are the details for you so you know what you need to do!

“Each week, every photo submitted will have an opportunity to appear on the Pampers Facebook page, in Pampers Twitter feed and in the brand’s special Love, Sleep & Play online gallery. Plus, these photos have the opportunity to be featured in the brand’s groundbreaking celebration event in New York City next month.”

Don’t have a facebook account? You may also submit your photos to Pampers Love, Sleep & Play website.  Share those cute pictures of your baby and maybe your baby will be a star! 🙂