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4 Smart Ways to Automate Your Home

Home automation, also known as smart home technology, is the process of controlling various home functions through either automated or remote technologies. Automating your home can be done manually or automatically through a remote control or smartphone apps. Lights and temperature are examples of home functions that can be controlled and optimized. Most smart home technologies also include built-in proximity sensors to detect issues like water leaks, smoke hazards, and doors and windows that have been left open. You can learn easy and efficient ways to automate your home.

Remote-Controlled Outlets

If you’d like the convenience of not having to turn a home appliance or light on or off, consider installing a remote-controlled outlet to control various functions wirelessly. These products are typically plugged into an outlet and programmed to a remote control for personal use. These are also considered to be an affordable version when compared to smartphone technology. You can also control various devices with one remote control, or control one device with multiple remote controls.

Outlet Timers

If you don’t feel like getting up to turn your light switch on or off, you may want to invest in an outlet timer. These are used to control not just lights, but almost any product that is plugged into an outlet. Outlet timers are designed to turn a light switch on or off at specified times of the day. Another option is to use a wall switch timer, which is designed to replace a standard light switch. 

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Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are designed to alert you to the current condition of your home. This includes electricity usage and any doors or windows that have been left open. Most are also built with piezoelectric transducers, water leak probes, ambient light sensors, and accelerometers. They are also especially useful for closets and garage doors that contain sensitive items and valuables, such as jewelry and money. Motion sensors may also be programmed through smartphone technology apps so you can control various functions through your own cell phone. 

Smart Thermostats

Also known as learning thermostats, smart thermostats are used to control the temperature of various rooms in your home. They can also reduce your monthly energy bill by monitoring and controlling the temperature when you’re away from home. Depending on the model, some smart thermostats also show the current time and weather. These may also notify you when temperatures are too low or high, which may cause potential home issues, such as burst pipes.

Automating your home is an easy and efficient way to reduce your monthly bills and modernize the look of your home. This can be done through products like smart thermostats, motion sensors, outlet timers, and remote-controlled outlets, each of which has various functions to optimize and control home appliances. Home automation is also useful for monitoring your home when you’re away so you can control things like windows, doors, temperatures, and lights from afar. Modernize your home with the ease and efficiency of home automation through smartphones and remote controls.



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    I think the outlet timer would be fantastic for the corridor night light. You will not have to worry whether you have turn it off before you sleep.