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Top Road Trips for Families in the US

When you think of road trips in the USA, the chances are that your first thought is Route 66. That’s no real surprise, as the route is one of the most famous driving dreams the world over. However, America offers a lot more than just one road trip option. The fact is that there are numerous spectacular drives on offer here, and some of them make the ideal getaway for those families hoping to experience something a little more exciting and liberating than theme parks and crowds of tourists. If you’re hankering for the thrill of the open road, and the sights and sounds that only America has to offer, then here are some of the best road trips that you can experience with your family.

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National Parks galore on Route 12

It’s almost impossible to take a drive through Utah without being overwhelmed by the stunning scenery. Route 12 is the most famous road trip choice in Utah, and for a good reason. Known affectionately as the Journey Through Time route, this driving vacation will take you through 122 miles of mind-blowing spectacle, with everything from Native American settlements, sandstone cliffs, and even abandoned Hollywood film sets. While the scenery from the car windows is incredible, take the time to stretch your legs at the Bryce Canyon National Park. There, you’ll find some glorious sights, especially if you make the effort to wake up early so that you can catch the sunrise at Sunrise Point.

Take the overseas highway in Florida

One of the most underappreciated driving experiences in America is the 124 miles which links Miami to Key West. With the remarkably clear and turquoise waters, this route is often referred to as The Highway That Goes To The Sea, and for those who like their vacations water-centric, this is the top choice. If you don’t have a car, it’s worth clicking here to rent a car that will take you across this unique road. Younger family members will revel in the secluded islands, and if you have any divers in your family, there are even shipwrecks to explore as well. If it’s sunsets or sunrises that you’re looking for, this drive will offer you stunning examples of both, so make the decision as to whether you want to get up early or stay up late, or do a bit of both and truly experience the best that the Florida Keys has to offer.

Explore the California coast on Highway 1

For those hoping for some diversity and some waves, then Highway 1 is the best option, and one of the most popular drives in the country. The highway spans the entirety of the California coastline, but there are some special points which are worth taking your time over. The section between San Francisco to Santa Barbara is something truly special, with twisting, turning roads that offer the full glory of the ocean on one side and fertile farmlands on the other. Definitely take the time to stop at the iconic Bixby Creek Bridge just on the outskirts of Big Sur. No matter where you stop for meals, there’s going to be something stunning and spectacular to check out.

The most important thing to remember about family road trips is not to rush. Take your time exploring the sights and sounds of the best that America has to offer, and your family will be sure to bond over the shared experience. There’s a reason why family road trips are an American tradition, and one of the most obvious is the sheer spectacle of the sights that can be enjoyed together.