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10 Minute BBQ Pulled Beef Brisket Quesadillas

This is a sponsored post for Farm Rich Smokehouse BBQ #smokehousebbq products, but all opinions are my own! I’m all for sharing a yummy and delicious recipe that I’ve cooked for my family. Giving you a recipe from my kitchen to yours is truly a pleasure. This is a very simple recipe that doesn’t take many ingredients and the ingredients are probably something you already have on hand. The pulled beef brisket that I used for this recipe can be ready to go in ten minutes or less, … [Read more...]

Easy Shish Kabob Recipe + Party Essentials At Walmart

This post on Easy Shish Kabob Recipe + Party Essentials At Walmart is in collaboration with DataRank, Kingsford and Walmart.  Living in the area that I do it can be hard to really tailgate often but that doesn't mean we don't like to root for our favorite teams and get a little crazy once in awhile.  Games big and small are a reason to party at our house.  I am always looking for a reason to have people over!  I love the crowds and I love to see smiles on … [Read more...]

Best 10 Tailgating Essentials + Easy French Onion Burgers

This post on the Best 10 Tailgating Essentials is brought to you by my partnership as a Datarank blogger, Walmart & Kingsford. One of my family’s favorite times of the year is football season. During football season you will see us at our favorite games tailgating. Since I’m a busy mama I like to prep things to make tailgating a lot easierand less stressful. I wanted to share with you my top ten tailgating essentials. Let’s get to grilling! Best 10 Tailgating Essentials 1. Charcoal … [Read more...]

Simple Steak Marinade Packed With Flavor

My husband is a meat man.  Rarely is a meal served in our house without meat being a main ingredient.  I will admit though that sometimes this can be tough.  I am always on the hunt for new recipes that make the meat the star of the meal but isn't always the same old thing.     Recently I came across Dale Sauce in the ketchup aisle and our family has taken a liking to it.  I do want to make a note that you need to look for the low sodium version of … [Read more...]

Easy Beef Stroganoff With 6 Ingredients

Easy Beef Stroganoff Stroganoff is positively one of the funniest words in my cooking dictionary! I know it means dinner will be delicious but it's just one of those words that doesn't roll of my tongue, how about yours? It may not roll of my tongue but it sure does taste great on my tongue and fill the bellies of the hungry boys in my family. I have a more complicated recipe that the family loves that starts with round steak partially frozen and sliced and two hours later I have … [Read more...]

48 Crock Pot Recipes That Makes Dinner A Cinch On Busy Nights

48 Crock Pot Recipes That Makes Dinner A Cinch On Busy Nights   Like every mom I am busy!  I spend half my time running kids from one side of this county to another and as summer nears our schedule is filling up fast!  With swimming lessons, gymnastics, camping trips, family reunions etc... there doesn't actually seem to be a lot of time for cooking.  Times like this my Crock Pot becomes my best friend!  It's so simple for me to put something in before we leave the … [Read more...]

118 Mouthwatering Easter Recipes

118 Mouthwatering Easter Recipes Easter is right around the corner and I don't know how your family celebrates but like any holiday is ours huge. A holiday isn't complete on my side if there is not between 30-50 people in attendance. When you have holidays this big you know it's served potluck style! We don't have many rules about holidays in our house except that you MUST have fun and you need to bring something different every year. No repeats aloud except for the basics (meat, rolls, … [Read more...]

Easy Beef Recipe – Cube Steak With Green Chili Gravy & Noodles

Easy Beef Recipe - Cube Steak With Green Chili Gravy & Noodles Cube Steak With Green Chili Gravy And Noodles came about as experiment 102, because we passed experiment 101 a loooong time ago.  I started with frozen cube steaks and frozen green chili, which meant I didn't have the time for the usual meals I would have prepared with these ingredients and of course that means experiment time...can you hear the grumbling in the background from the family. I must admit that I was a little … [Read more...]

Easy Slow Cooker Hamburger & Corn Goulash

Last week I had some left over hamburger from the big family pack and I just couldn't make myself want tacos or cheeseburgers again.  I also didn't really start thinking about what I was going to do with it until after lunch and knew that I would be running the tractor for a couple of hours in the afternoon, this means that I needed something that didn't need to be watched.  Welcome faithful Slow Cooker and another experiment (that always makes my husband happy). My aunt had … [Read more...]

20 Tasty Beef Recipes

As I will tell you a couple of times today my husband is a meat and potatoes man, specifically red meat. I have found that he loves anything to do with red meat as long as he is not really the one who has to cook it. I mean he has no problems cooking cheeseburgers and a delicious steak but anything needing more steps than two just isn't going to happen. While I love to cook and am constantly adding recipes to my arsenal it can get a bit mundane in our house. It seems we eat a ton of tacos, … [Read more...]

24 Awesome Crock Pot Recipes

Summer will be here before you know it and for me that means my desire for cooking goes down.  It is hot outside and then it's hot in my house and the last thing I really want is to heat the house up with the oven or stand over a boiling pot. Summer also means sports, play dates at the pool and park and in general just running.  It's easy for me to put an average of 4,000 a miles a month on my Yukon, especially during summer.  One more reason why I use my crock pot more during the … [Read more...]

Fall Off The Fork Tender Swiss Steak

Growing up my mom made a Swiss Steak that is to die for! I loved it and have tried to replicate it several times with her recipe but it just doesn't seem to be going well for me. So I had to head out and make my own. I think she is being greedy with her recipe and I think she leaves a few ingredients out when I ask for it, so that I will keep asking her to cook for me. You know how moms are. I know my mom adds a few dashes of Liquid Smoke to her's so if you have some in your fridge I would … [Read more...]

Game Day Chili Recipe

Game Day Red Chili Recipe This time of year calls for chili!  Chili comes in handy for a variety of reasons and I love how simple red chili is to make.  Whether your cooking for a crowd because it's playoff season or your like me and for the fourth week in a row our temps have dipped to -20 at night and during the day we are lucky to break 0.  Having a good red chili recipe on hand is an absolute must! Sprinkled with some cheddar cheese and served with a side of cornbread. I would say that … [Read more...]

Hamburger Pizza Sub Sandwich

The big game is right around the corner. I mean less than a month away and even though the Denver Broncos :( are out for the season it doesn't mean I can't let you all in on a delicious recipe that serves a crowd for the big game. Hamburger Pizza Sub Sandwiches are EASY to make and even easier to customize to what you want. Make up a couple of loaves worth and slice up. You can easily get 20 slices from two loaves of bread. Hamburger Pizza Sub Sandwich Ingredients 1 Loaf Of Frozen Garlic Bread … [Read more...]

Cheeseburger Stromboli

Looking for a twist on the normal cheeseburger that you know your family loves? This is a great way to switch it up a tad. I used a canned pizza crust that I had picked up on clearance and needed used up.   Combine with your favorite cheeseburger ingredients and you have dinner :) Ingredients 1 lb ground hamburger 4 slices of cheese or 1/2 cup shredded cheese Diced pickles (relish) Ketchup Mustard Canned Pizza Crust Directions 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees or whatever your … [Read more...]