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Make Ahead Sausage, Egg & Cheese Breakfast Muffins

Mornings can be so busy! It's hard to think of something quick, yummy, and healthy! That is why breakfast muffins are my go-t0 for busy mornings. It's important that my kids eat breakfast and it's easy to shove some cereal in their mouths, but I've discovered if I make these in advanced they are just as easy as cereal! I hope you enjoy these Make Ahead Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Muffins just as much as we do! Make Ahead Sausage, Egg & Cheese Breakfast Muffins  How do … [Read more...]

48 Crock Pot Recipes That Makes Dinner A Cinch On Busy Nights

48 Crock Pot Recipes That Makes Dinner A Cinch On Busy Nights   Like every mom I am busy!  I spend half my time running kids from one side of this county to another and as summer nears our schedule is filling up fast!  With swimming lessons, gymnastics, camping trips, family reunions etc... there doesn't actually seem to be a lot of time for cooking.  Times like this my Crock Pot becomes my best friend!  It's so simple for me to put something in before we leave the … [Read more...]

118 Mouthwatering Easter Recipes

118 Mouthwatering Easter Recipes Easter is right around the corner and I don't know how your family celebrates but like any holiday is ours huge. A holiday isn't complete on my side if there is not between 30-50 people in attendance. When you have holidays this big you know it's served potluck style! We don't have many rules about holidays in our house except that you MUST have fun and you need to bring something different every year. No repeats aloud except for the basics (meat, rolls, … [Read more...]

Ham and Cheese Sliders with Maple Mustard Spread

Ham and Cheese Sliders with Maple Mustard Spread Sliders are all the rage and with Superbowl fast approaching I see these little cuties making a huge appearance this year. Ham and Cheese Sliders with Maple Mustard Spread would make the perfect finger food for your party. Super simple to make up a large batch at once and completely filling for your guests. Ciabatta rolls can even be split in half again once baked which helps stretch your finger foods farther at your next party (keep mini … [Read more...]

Cheese Crusted Pork Chop Recipe ~ Dinner In 20 Minutes

Cheese Crusted Pork Chop Recipe My family is no stranger to a good, juicy and moist pork chop.  The boys love pork chops and I like that it adds some variety to our usual beef menu.  Let's face it my husband loves beef!  These Cheese Crusted Pork Chops are well asked for in our house with their magnificent flavor and I am willing to oblige because of how easy they are to make! These Cheese Crusted Pork Chops are delicious and the coating helps keep everything moist, which … [Read more...]

50+ Bacon Recipes ~ Bacon Lovers Dream Round Up

Bacon is a pretty hot commodity in our house. The kids love and I must say I would eat BLT's weekly if I could justify it healthy wise. Frankly bacon makes everything taste better, right? Just because I think bacon makes everything taste better doesn't mean I don't get stuck in a rut of cooking with bacon, or that I need a couple recipes that will use up the rest of the package. Below you will find 56 bacon recipes, yep 56 recipes that include bacon. Some will put the whole package to use and … [Read more...]

Chicken, Ham Or Tuna Salad Stuffed Tomatoes

It is finally the season for great tomatoes, they have flavor after months of being bland. That brings one thought to mind spring. So in the spirit of spring here is a light tomato based recipe. Ingredients For Chicken, Ham Or Tuna Salad Stuffed Tomatoes 4 large round firm tomatoes 3 cans of tuna, ham, salmon, or chicken (I used Tuna) 1/2 cup mayo 2 stalks of celery diced 1 small diced onion 1 tablespoon relish flavor of choice 1 teaspoon garlic powder Salt Pepper Directions For … [Read more...]

Brown Sugar Glazed Pork Tenderloin Recipe

Brown Sugar Glazed Pork Tenderloin Recipe Have you ever had a spiral ham? I mean a good spiral ham; one that's smothered with brown sugar, cloves and a hint of cinnamon. In my eyes that's the only way to enjoy a ham - but why should that sugary/spicy goodness end with ham? Why not pass some of that yummy over to more pork products, like a rich brown sugar glazed pork tenderloin! I had a tenderloin sitting out to thaw and I couldn't decide what to do with it last night, so back in the … [Read more...]

Bacon Wrapped Brown Sugar Pork Chops and Mango Pico

Here's what ya need: Pork Chops Bacon Brown Sugar Honey Mango Cilantro Garlic Jalepeno Pepper Lime Onion Olive Oil … [Read more...]