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Purple Cow Beverage…Easy And Delicious!

My Papaw Latham (my Mom’s Dad) passed away before I was born. I grew up hearing lots of stories about him and my grandmother always told me that if he were alive he would be so proud of me and the things I did growing up. She always made sure I knew that he loved me from Heaven and was smiling down on me. He is one man I wish I could have known because he seemed to be such a fun, loving man of God. I can’t wait to meet him in Heaven one day and get a great big old hug from him. A few years ago, my Mom’s best friend sent me some of her favorite recipes. In those recipes was a recipe for something called a “Purple Cow”.
Here is what she wrote with the recipe: “The first time I ever had this was when I went to Panama City Beach, Florida with your mom and her parents back in the 1960’s. This was one of her Dad’s favorite treats. I still consider it a royal treat and when I buy Welch’s grape juice, I will make sure to have some vanilla ice cream too. Both of my kids liked it too.”

I decided to share my Papaw’s favorite treat: a Purple Cow beverage! I have made this numerous times for my kids and they love it too. I always tell them the story about their great-grandfather and the wonderful man he was that we never got to enjoy but we will all get to enjoy one day in Heaven. So, grab a glass & make your own Purple Cow and then call your grandparents if they are still around and tell them you love them!

Purple Cow Beverage
Welch’s Grape Juice
Vanilla ice cream
Spoon vanilla ice cream into a glass.
Pour the cold grape juice over the ice cream.
Grab a spoon and enjoy your own Purple Cow float!
**This is a guest post/recipe from Gretta at The Johns Family.  Gretta is a homeschooling mother of four children.  This was shared as a Tasty Thursday on her blog.   Take a moment to stop by her wonderful blog as she has a lot to offer!!**


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    manda says:

    this sounds so good! i had never heard of a purple cow. a brown cow (coke) a black cow (rootbeer) but purple? my kids are going to love it!


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