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3 Seasonings for Homemade French Fries

French fried potatoes are among the most common side dish eaten in the United States. Besides being served with hamburgers, they are often served with other meat dishes. If you’ve never considered making homemade French fries, you may want to reconsider. Making homemade French fries is much easier than you think.   Is there a best variety of potato to use to make homemade fries? The answer you receive will depend upon who you ask. Some people prefer to use Russet potatoes while … [Read more...]

Oven-Roasted Parmesan Green Beans

This elegant side dish elevates basic green beans to a whole new level. These oven-roasted Parmesan green beans are great for entertaining because it looks and tastes like you spent a lot more time on it than you actually did. Roasting the green beans assures they will be crisp tender and full of robust flavor. As an added bonus, the high-quality extra virgin olive oil and freshly grated Parmesan cheese greatly enhances the natural appeal of this classic side.  Oven-Roasted Parmesan … [Read more...]

The Most Amazing Easy Biscuit Recipe Ever

If you open my refrigerator one thing that you will always find is whipping cream. I use it for so many things including homemade whip cream, part of my morning coffee and the most AMAZING easy biscuit recipe you will ever eat. These whip cream biscuits are the best biscuits I've ever had. They truly melt in your mouth! Not only do these biscuits melt in your mouth but remember I told you they were easy! By easy I mean that they only require 3 ingredients and because I don't mess around … [Read more...]

Cinnamon Apple Recipe + 11 Cinnamon Apple Uses

The leaves in Colorado have been saying Fall for several weeks now and the calendar officially agrees! Fall is officially here and let me tell you I am loving it minus the pesky flies!  Winter used to be my favorite time of year but as I get older I believe that award now goes to fall.  The changing of leaves makes for gorgeous views, waking up to the crisp morning air, smells of pumpkin and apple spice are filling the air and as a whole I think we band together a bit more as a … [Read more...]

Roasted Red Potatoes With Panko Bread Crumbs

These Roasted Red Panko Crumb Covered Potatoes are perfect for my families dinner table.  Living on a potato farm I am sure you can imagine we have no shortage of potatoes around.  Plenty of potatoes on hand means that often dinner meals are filled with potatoes as a side dish but having the same ones always can get a tad boring. That's where these Roasted Red Potatoes With Panko Bread Crumbs come in handy.  They are easy to adjust the flavor with a variety of different … [Read more...]

Mashed Potato Cupcakes

Mashed Potato Cupcakes As a potato farmer's wife you can imagine the amount of potatoes that are at my disposable. With potatoes at the ready at all times you can imagine that they are a staple in our diets. One thing that I always make a double if not triple serving of is the mashed potatoes. Leftover mashed potatoes are so versatile and easy to incorporate in a multitude of recipes, including these Potato Cupcakes and Brownies. Yes I said mashed potato brownies, I encourage you to them … [Read more...]

48 Crock Pot Recipes That Makes Dinner A Cinch On Busy Nights

48 Crock Pot Recipes That Makes Dinner A Cinch On Busy Nights   Like every mom I am busy!  I spend half my time running kids from one side of this county to another and as summer nears our schedule is filling up fast!  With swimming lessons, gymnastics, camping trips, family reunions etc... there doesn't actually seem to be a lot of time for cooking.  Times like this my Crock Pot becomes my best friend!  It's so simple for me to put something in before we leave the … [Read more...]

Mouthwatering Green Chili Sauce Recipe

Green Chili Sauce Recipe Green chili sauce is a must have in our house and while there are few good ones to be found in the store nothing beats homemade. Especially when we spend the summer with easy access to roasted Hatch chiles. Tell me they are world famous because around these parts we sure feel like they should be. You know green chilies get their heat from a drought right? Well my green chili from last year proves it and has put the biggest smile on my husbands face. Making … [Read more...]

Chive Butter Recipe

Chive Butter Compound   When I married a potato farmer I knew that my life was destined to having potatoes served several times a week.  For some that would be a huge problem but not really for me.  I pretty much love potatoes anyway you would like to serve them.  That doesn't mean though that I am looking to have them all the served the same way each time and with the same ingredients. Baked potatoes are one of my favorite ways to have a potato.  Cooked just … [Read more...]

Herbed Cream Pasta with Bacon ~ Dinner In Less Than 20 Minutes

Herbed Cream Pasta with Bacon During summer my husband and I attend a fair amount of gatherings and besides the amazing company at such events my favorite thing is all the variety of dishes that are always at these gatherings. I LOVE LOVE LOVE potlucks! I really can't get enough of them and having the chance to explore the variety of dishes that potluck gatherings give us the opportunity to partake in. So because of my love for potlucks when a fellow blogger asked some of us to take part … [Read more...]

Homemade Fresh Salsa Recipe

Homemade Fresh Salsa Is Pretty Easy Salsa and chips is one of those snacks that's fantastic for any occasion.  Pretty easy to open a jar, pour out the tomato-y goodness, and pair it with your favorite tortilla chips. On a recent trip to a farmers market, I talked with farmers about how to make Homemade Fresh Salsa. I love to make things fresh, especially when the ingredients are in season, to bring a new flavor to my table.  It doesn't take much to make a flavorful Fresh Salsa … [Read more...]

Cucumber Salad Recipe ~ Perfect For Garden Goodies

Fall is in the air and that means everyone's gardens around here are finally producing the crop that we have been waiting for all year.  Cucumber Salad is a great way to use some of those delicious goodies from your garden. Cucumber Salad Recipe ~ Great Way To Use Up Garden Goodies While the days are still hot as Fall is approaching and barley harvest is upon us, I don't like eating big hot meals and am always on the lookout for something that will fill me up but remains light and easy … [Read more...]

Fresh Corn Salad Recipe

Another Take on Farm Fresh Corn: Fresh Corn Salad Recipe  Fresh corn is starting to hit the farmer’s markets and grocery stores.  While it’s awesome to eat it from the cob, smothered in fresh butter and salt, I also love it with a few of my other favorite summer veggies in Fresh Corn Salad.  It has a simple oil and vinegar dressing that makes this a breeze to assemble and on hot summer nights, a great salad to cool off with.  With just a few ingredients, you’ll be ready to … [Read more...]

Just Like Grandma’s Baking Powder Biscuits

My grandmother makes some killer Baking Powder Biscuits and I wish that I could make some that rival hers.  I can come pretty close but mine seem to be missing the grandmother touch.  One of these days I will give my grandmother a run for her money in the kitchen but for now I will make do with these Baking Powder Biscuits that are pretty darn close. Are these your big and fluffy Grands biscuits that pull apart in layers. No. They are however your whip them up fast, pull out of the … [Read more...]

Orange Harvard Beets Recipe

Orange Harvard Beets Beets are one of those vegetables that gets put in a love-hate situation all the time.  You have people that absolutely love them, and others that, well, don’t.  Their earthy, rich flavor  gives your taste buds a workout that they will greatly enjoy.  But, I’ve turned many a beet-hater into a beet-lover by making them my Orange Harvard Beets.  It doesn’t take much, and you can even use the leftovers in salads the next day.  They make a fantastic side dish, and take … [Read more...]