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3 Seasonings for Homemade French Fries

French fried potatoes are among the most common side dish eaten in the United States. Besides being served with hamburgers, they are often served with other meat dishes. If you’ve never considered making homemade French fries, you may want to reconsider. Making homemade French fries is much easier than you think.

3 seasonings for french fries


Is there a best variety of potato to use to make homemade fries? The answer you receive will depend upon who you ask. Some people prefer to use Russet potatoes while others like red potatoes; still others won’t use anything but Yukon Gold. If you want to try something different for a change of pace, try making French fries out of sweet potatoes.

What is the best way to make fries? Should you deep fry them or bake them in the oven? You have to admit, there’s nothing quite like the flavor of hot French fries. However, fried potatoes may not be very healthy especially when you consider that the oil is heated to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Not only can the oil add extra fat to the diet, frying can also be dangerous if not done properly.  Baking the potatoes, rather than frying, is less dangerous and can provide the same great taste but with less fat.

3 Seasonings for Homemade French Fries

It isn’t uncommon for people to simply salt their homemade French fries after they are prepared. However, there are so many other seasoning options to choose from. Here are some other seasonings you may want to try:

  • Garam Masala is blend of spices which is typically used in Indian cuisine. You will often find cardamom, cumin, black pepper, cloves along with hot spices. This seasoning may actually be available in the international food aisle in the grocery store. Or you can find a recipe in a cookbook or online and make your own.
  • Coriander is a single seasoning that will add a lemony, sweet flavor to your homemade fries. It would be best to use this seasoning when baking the fries rather than frying them to ensure the flavor is at its peak.
  • Add garlic salt, onion salt, black pepper and oregano (3 tablespoons of the garlic salt to 1 tablespoon of each of the other seasonings). After removing the potatoes from the frying oil, sprinkle the seasonings. The best results are achieved when the potatoes are still hot.

French fries may be an American staple but they don’t all have to taste alike. The type of potato you use, how you prepare them and the seasonings you choose can all have an effect on the flavor of your homemade French fries. Why not try a different way of making homemade French fries for your family soon?