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Herbed Cream Pasta with Bacon ~ Dinner In Less Than 20 Minutes

Herbed Cream Pasta with Bacon

During summer my husband and I attend a fair amount of gatherings and besides the amazing company at such events my favorite thing is all the variety of dishes that are always at these gatherings. I LOVE LOVE LOVE potlucks! I really can’t get enough of them and having the chance to explore the variety of dishes that potluck gatherings give us the opportunity to partake in.

Herbed Cream Pasta with Bacon

So because of my love for potlucks when a fellow blogger asked some of us to take part in a virtual potluck for a dear friend of hers (who is also a blogger) I couldn’t resist. I will be arming my recipe arsenal with plenty of new must try recipes and I get to meet a few wonderful ladies along the way that I am sure I never would have mingled with before. Amazing how bonds can be formed!

Take a walk with me (or shall I say read with me) and learn about Christy’s story and why her friend Robin felt she needed to know that plenty of us are sending her good thoughts.

Now I don’t know Christy but her story is pretty cool and I got lost in reading her AMAZING recipes, I must say mine pales in comparison, but mostly I got lost with her sense of humor. Really this post about 100 Reasons Why I’m Not A Cowgril: Baking Brownies With Two Broken Legs was just to much for me. I can see someone doing all this and thinking I sit back and think to myself…would I have the motivation or the frame of mind to be baking brownies with two broken legs? Probably not and sure as heck not while my husband wasn’t home. So this virtual potluck is for Christy (pass along good thoughts to her) during her recovery and it’s great to see that she is holding her head high and I hope that she never loses her sense of humor though everything!

The Cast Of Herbed Cream Pasta with Bacon

16 oz. Fettuccine Pasta
Thick Cut Bacon
1 ½ cup Heavy Cream
3 Tablespoons Butter
1 teaspoon Rosemary
Garlic to taste
½ cup grated Parmesan Cheese

Directions For Herbed Cream Pasta with Bacon

1.  Boil pasta according to package instructions.

2.  In a separate pan, fry bacon until slightly crispy.

3.  Melt butter in medium saucepan, over medium-low heat.

4.  Add rosemary and stir for 1 minute to combine

5.  Add heavy cream and garlic and heat through.

**Tip – Heavy cream does not like high heat, so be sure to keep it from boiling.  Just a low simmer.

6.  Add parmesan cheese and melt into the sauce.

7.  Toss cheese sauce over pasta and top with bacon.

8.  Serve with a green salad and because I love garlic bread it’s a must as well.

Herbed Cream Pasta with Bacon was made and eaten with delight by my family with you in mind.  I wish you the best of luck and hope that you enjoy these virtual hugs that my family is sending your way!

My Fellow Virtual Potluckers & Their Awesome Recipes

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Do you love attending potlucks?  What is your most requested potluck recipe?  Do you have a favorite that you have discovered at another potluck?  Will Herbed Cream Pasta with Bacon be making a debut at your next potluck?




  • Jussy

    Delicious pasta with bacon. I bought an awesome Bioletti Pot for pasta ( from this fantastic website , highly recommend you guys ) and I made this simple and yummy pasta! It was just perfect! Thank you for amazing recipe!

  • Mmmm….this dish is making my mouth water and I just had breakfast! Thanks for being a part of this virtual potluck Brandy. 🙂

  • Susan

    I’ll take a big bowl of this perfect comfort food please!

  • This sounds amazing! You can’t go wrong with pasta, cream & bacon. 🙂

    • Brandy

      I must admit that the family gobbled it up!

  • veronica gantley

    Oh my goodness you had me at bacon! I am so pleased to meet another blogger. Thanks for doing the virtual potluck for Christy with me.

    • Brandy

      This is has been a really fun event and such a good cause for a fellow blogger. I am finding some amazing recipes during this potluck!

  • This recipe looks amazing, and the bacon totally seals the deal for me! 🙂 Pinning this, I can’t wait to try it!

    So great getting to meet you through this potluck. I will follow you on social media so we can stay in touch. I am looking forward to seeing what else you cook up! 🙂

    • Brandy

      It’s been great getting to explore all the new blogs that have joined this potluck. Thank you for stopping by Kristin and headed over to check out your delicious recipe as well!

  • Hi Brandy! Its so great to meet new people through this potluck..which I love as well! My husband is Italian so we are always eating dish would make a regular appearance in this house! 🙂

    • Brandy

      That’s awesome that pasta is a regular in your house. I seem to get stuck in the pasta rut but glad that I have a few perfect recipes like this one to fall back on. Thank you for stopping by and joining in this virtual potluck with me!

  • Wanda

    Brandy, loving your Herbed Cream Pasta with Bacon. We just happen to have bought lots of bacon yesterday at BJ’s. We all love pasta in white sauce and your recipe is not only easy to make, but mouth watering too. Now, I want some pasta, any left over at your house? JK.
    Thank you for cooking for Christy, she is a very brave woman and we all love her. Plus, I am also glad to be involved and have known many food bloggers that I had not had the pleasure to met yet before. Here’s for a new friendship!

    • Brandy

      Come on over for dinner Wanda! The more the merrier in our house 🙂 I love having the opportunity to meet everyone who took part in this opportunity. I would never have encountered so many of you without it and it’s great that we could meet helping to keep a fellow bloggers spirits high.

  • Raquel

    Cream pasta with bacon? Yes please! This recipe has all my favorites in it!. So happy to have “met” you at this potluck party!

    • Brandy

      It’s been so fun to get lost in everyone else’s blogs during this virtual potluck. I think I have made the next 52 weeks of meal plans!

  • Liz

    Oh, my gosh. This pasta sounds amazing…my family would go nuts for it!! Rosemary? Cream? Bacon? I’m in! I’m so happy to find your blog via the potluck for Christy!

    • Brandy

      Thank you for stopping by, it’s been great to meet everyone from the virtual potluck. It’s near impossible to pass up bacon and cream together finished off with a few delicious herbs it really doesn’t get better.