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Budget Friendly Summer Fun by Kristl Story

Summer officially started today, and if you’re already dealing with the “I’m bored” syndrome…take a look at these budget friendly summer fun ideas!

Field Trips:    Plan a field trip every week this summer!   Here’s how…
            #1.  Start by taking your kids to the local library to find some books on your area.
            #2.  Do a simple search:  Free Things to do in (my city).   You’ll be amazed what comes                     up!
            #3.  Let each child make a list of what they would like to see & do!  Set a budget limit!
            #3.  Think beyond museums and amusement parks…think budget friendly fun like:  a                                  visit to the farmer’s market, berry picking, check out different area playgrounds &                             rate them or take a tour of an area factory! 
                         #4.  Pack a picnic lunch!
Summer Book Swap:   A fun way to kick-off a summer of reading!  Here’s how…
            #1.  Invite friends (in the same grade) to bring 3 used paperback books at their current                                reading level.
            #2.  After the children arrive, display the books on a large table or two.
            #3.  Draw numbers for the order in which the children will choose a book.  If there are                           10 children at the party, put numbers 1 – 10 into the drawing.
            #4.  Round 1 begins!  The child that drew #1 picks a book, then #2 takes a turn and so                         on.
            #5.  Before beginning Round 2, draw numbers again.
            #6.  After the final round, make bookmarks (using scrap paper, markers & assorted                              stickers) & let the children make their own ice cream  sundaes.
            #7.  HAPPY SUMMER READING!
Fun at Home:
            #1.  Start a summer tradition of having sundaes on Saturday!
            #2.  Family Game Day
            #3.  Family Puzzle Day
            #4.  Taste Test…try different brands of frozen pizza & ice cream, eat & vote for the                                 family favorite!
            #5.  Water Painting…it’s painting without the mess!  You’ll need a bucket of water, a big                                 fat paint brush & let your child have fun “painting” the driveway, the fence or the                        picnic table!
            #6.  Lemonade Stand!
            #7.  Teach your children to cook!  Have “cooking school” one day each week, and let                     your children choose the recipes!  If you don’t have a children’s cookbook, a trip to the library is in order!
            #8.  Plant a garden!
Let’s make this a summer your kids will remember…even if it’s on a budget!
Written by:
Kristl Story
(It’s a diet for your wallet, not your waistline!)
Kristl is the CEO of her family and also the maid, the cook, the coupon queen and yes, the bargain shopper.  She’s not a financial planner or an accountant, just a mom that knows how to live the good life on a budget!  Kristl’s tips have been featured in publications like Consumer Reports and All You Magazine. Discover more frugal living tips at


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