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Can Cleaning the Kitchen Be Fast and Easy?

The kitchen as center of our living space is always the hardest one to be cleaned up. If just the thought of setting time for getting it done sounds like a pesky chore, then you are not much different than most of the women all over the globe.

Cleaning the kitchen is not a pleasing task, and the faster it can be done, the more free time you will have left for other pleasant activities.

What makes the kitchen such an important and never to be skipped area of your home is that it requires daily attention. And if one is not careful enough, cleaning it properly can become a serious problem. But with the easy steps below you can rest assured that it won’t happen to you, and for less than 15 minutes you can get your kitchen to sparkle.

1. You can start by preparing your cleaning supplies beforehand as that will save you a lot of time in the actual process of cleaning when you won’t waste time searching for a cleanser or sponge and forget what you were working on.

2. Remember that your kitchen is an area for preparing food, not a storing place. So that should lead you into sorting out all of the items you find in your kitchen area and deciding whether they belong to it or are misplaced and should be put away.

3. Move on to the counters and clear them out by taking away all of the appliances you rarely or never get to use, such as the juicer or old Crock-Pot, or the ice cream maker you were given as a present years ago. Wipe them out when done with everything else.

4. Continue with wiping up the spills on the refrigerator and try to learn to do that as soon as you notice them. Go through everything in it – any leftovers or spoiled food with an unknown date of expiration is going directly inside the trash can. You can wipe up the glass shelves with a wet cloth if you don’t have enough time to remove and rinse them up. It is useful to know that a box of baking soda can help absorbing any odors.

5. Food containers are another item we tend to pile up all over the kitchen with intentions to use them someday. If you have collected disposable ones, get rid of them. And check all of your plastic containers for their matching lids. If the lids are missing, the containers have to be recycled.

6. Cleaning the oven can be one of the peskiest tasks when it comes to kitchen work, and that is why it cannot be done on a daily basis. But at some point, a deep cleaning should be scheduled, and you should commit some of your time for that purpose. Clean the spills on the stove top and the glass door with a sponge and a bit of baking soda on it.

7. You can help yourself by rinsing the dirty dishes as you cook so that you can prepare them for the dishwasher and have your kitchen all clean before sitting down to eat, which will save you a lot of time for cleaning up afterward.

8. One of the fastest ways to mop the kitchen floor is by using disposable clothes. They have a very pleasant scent as well, so it will leave your living space smelling pretty nice.

Cleaning your kitchen is not fun, but if you create a habit of doing certain things in your cleaning process, it will be definitely much easier and faster, so why not start following all of the tips above from today? And do not forget the golden rule – one step at a time!