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Tips For Taking Care Of A Fish Tank

When you first get a fish tank, maintaining it may seem like a difficult process to keep up with. However, like with other things, the process will get easier the more you do it. While you are learning the ropes, you are not going to want to leave a trail of dead fish in your tank. Because of this, it is essential to learn a few basic maintenance tips before you purchase your first fish. Keep in mind, however, that if you do choose to buy fish food online, you should only purchase from reputable sellers such as Below are some of the top things you can do in order to increase the chances of maintaining a great aquarium with happy, healthy and living fish.

Tips For Taking Care Of A Fish Tank

Tips For Taking Care Of A Fish Tank

Cycle Tank Before Adding Fish

If this is your first time owning a fish tank, you may have never heard of the term “cycling a tank”. This term is in reference to taking the necessary steps to make sure the water has the proper conditions for healthy fish to live. You should never purchase a new tank and fish on the same day. Cycling the tank involves growing healthy micro-organisms within your tank to break down waste and keep the water safe for your fish to survive. It should be noted to never attempt to cycle your new fish tank when there is fish already living in it.

Know Water Parameters

Another important tip when trying to maintain a fish tank is learning how to know when the water is safe for your fish to live in. When you purchase your fish tank, it is best to purchase a water testing kit as well. The levels of nitrates, ammonia and pH quality of the fish tank water need to be perfect to keep your fish healthy.

Research Fish Before Buying

Before you buy some new fish or your tank, you should take time to carefully research the exact type you are planning to buy. You need to understand their temperament, their space requirements, how big they will get and what other type of fish they will get along with. Never purchase fish on looks alone. Also, while it may be tempting to fill your new tank with lots of fish, too many fish in the tank could result in the fish being more aggressive, more stressed and more susceptible to disease. It is better to under-fill your new fish tank than to overstock it in order to have happy and healthy fish.

Don’t Overfeed

As with other animals, some fish owners are afraid they might starve their fish. For many fish, a feeding once per day is more than enough. Follow the feeding recommendations of your specific type of fish while trying not to overfeed them. Feeding a fish too much can lead to disease and can also dirty your fish tank much faster and can have the potential to cause a spike in the chemicals.

Manage Light Source

Most people will have a light source within their fish tank. One of the most frustrating parts of owning a new fish tank is how to manage the algae in it. Algae can grow in abundance when there is too much light shining into the tank. To keep the algae in check, you should try to manage how much light your tank gets each day. If possible, keep your tank away from direct sunlight during the day. As with any other kinds of plants, algae craves the sun and can grow out of control if given the opportunity.

Getting a new aquarium can be exciting for a beginner. While there may be a learning curve with keeping your fish happy and healthy in their new tank, you will see how quickly you catch on. It will get easier and easier the more you tend to it.

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