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1-5 Matching Farm Printable

Around our house we are getting back into a routine and that means the whining while I am cooking dinner. You know the whine I am talking about, “Mom I am hungry. Mom can I have a snack?”

I try and help keep this at bay by having worksheets for the kids to work on. Corbin is learning his numbers and Coulter is actually a pretty good helper to him. They both can sit at the counter while I am cooking and do their “homework” as they both call it. Really it’s worksheets that I have been making and laminate  them with a laminator or cover with a page protector. This way they can use markers or crayons on the worksheets and then it wipes right off. They each have notebooks with age appropriate worksheets in them and they actually both choose to work on them willingly. Guess that is the benefits of having a tractor, farm animal or construction equipment on them. Cory said if they had worksheets like this growing up maybe he would have liked school a little more.

1-5 Matching Farm Printable


1-5 Farm Worksheet

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