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20 Ways To Keep Kids Active Indoors

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Spring is in the air…sort of but in the valley that doesn’t mean that it is warm enough or nice enough to send the kiddos outside.  So I am constantly on the lookout for ways to keep them active inside.  Not only is it good for them but it helps all of us keep our sanity.  Here are 20 ways to keep kids active indoors when the weather is cold, rainy, windy or you just need something to occupy the kiddos.

1. Get up and dance.
2. Play an active round of Simon Says.
3. Play an old fashioned game of hacky sack. (Is this still popular?)
4. Play a game of charades.
5. Check out a book from the library about games from around the world. Try out a game you’ve never played before.
6. Play “remote control hot potato.” Pass the remote control and whoever is left holding the remote at the commercial has to lead a family exercise break.
7. Use painters tape to make an indoor hopscotch board.
8. Round up a couple of hula hoops and take turns.
9. Take out a fitness program video when you rent an entertainment video. Do the fitness video together before settling in for the other one.
10. Hide and seek (too bad the kiddos can fit into the cupboards and I can’t 🙂
11. Build a fort.
12. Make an indoor obstacle course.
13. Have an indoor treasure hunt.
14. Create a kid-friendly bowling alley in your living room or basement.
15. Set up a miniature golf course in your basement.
16. Use household chores as a fitness class.
17. Musical chairs.
18. Wad up a pair of socks and have an indoor snowball fight.
19. Up-cycled miniature golf. Say what?? Use rolled up newspapers, cups and any other miscellaneous items you can find around the house to make in indoor miniature golf course.
20. Stomparama. Stomparama is a balloon-popping game.

How do you keep your kids active on days when you are stuck inside?

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