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Winter Crafts and Activities for Children

Winter Activities for kids

This winter season has been very long and we all cannot wait for the spring, and finally the summer. The cold days often turn to gloomy times for the children because they cannot go out to play, but you can turn it around if you introduce some fun while doing crafts and activities that involve the whole family. This would require creativity on the part of the parents in order for these winter activities for children to bring fun and excitement for the whole family.

The parents and the kids could indulge themselves in the following activities.

Winter Crafts and Activities for Children

* Baking cookies 
The family can deal with the gloomy winter by making sweet treats that you and your family can enjoy. There are hundreds of cookie recipes that you can choose from on the internet. Little children love to be part of kitchen activities such as decorating the cookies to their liking. You can also hold a friendly cookie-designing competition to make things more interesting.

* Snow painting 
Snow painting is easy to do. It is just like making snow cones although you are not going to eat it. To do this you can purchase food coloring put them in a squirt bottle with some water and let the kids do some artistic outdoor snow painting, creating a colorful work of art on a snowy white landscape.  

* Creating your own snow globe 
Snow globes are appropriate during the winter season. Making one may look challenging but it is actually pretty easy and fun for the kids and the whole family. You can use any glass jar. Glue small figurines on the lid. Encourage the children to help with the design. Fill the jar with water and sprinkle some white or silver glitters. Seal the jar with the lid and let your snow globe do its magic.Coulter With Dinosaur Book wm

* Building an indoor snowman 
The chilly breeze and heavy snow may sometimes hinder you and your kids from playing in the snow outside. Not to worry, you can build an indoor snowman. To build an indoor snowman, you can use materials such as white cardboard, milk cartons, cotton and Styrofoam balls. Have the kids decorate them with colored art papers or they can use markers and glitters to make the snowman more attractive.

Keep in mind that you will need to supervise the children during the activities to make sure that everything is safe. With these activities in line to entertain the whole family especially the children, the cold, gloomy days can now turn into fun bonding moments for the family.

What are you go to winter activities for children?  How do you overcome being cooped up for days?  


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