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Money Saving Tips For Around The House

There are dozens of ways that people can save money around the house. Tighten your belt a little bit during not only these tough times, but even when times are good will never hurt, it can only make things better. Start out by just looking around your home, honestly, and make a few simple choice decisions.


Many people would not really think about how turning off the TV could help save them money. Truth be told, how many times can you think of lately that you’ve seen something advertised on TV and decided to go find one and buy it? Probably more than you realize. If you are not sitting in front of that TV so much, you’re not as likely to see those commercials and do what’s called impulse shopping. (Not to mention, it will be healthier for you too, to get up and move around more.)

Clean out your Closets

Want to make a little extra cash, and unclutter your house? Try cleaning out your closets, and your garage, and any other area where things are just basically stored and not used much. Then, take those things that you pull out that you never use, and have a garage sale with them! Or sometimes, you can take your gently used clothing to consignment shops, and get a little extra cash that way as well. It’ll make you feel great knowing you’ve accomplished at least two things there, cleaning, and earning a little extra money!

Drink More Water

Yes, that’s right. Really. If you stop buying those expensive soda’s, and stick to water, you’ll really save quite a bit of money. Bottled water is still a lot cheaper than buying soft drinks.

Don’t Eat Out As Often

If you plan ahead, grocery shop with a list and don’t impulse buy, you can prepare more of your meals at home, and you won’t need to hit the fast food joints as much. A nice dinner out somewhere every great once in a while never hurt anyone, but it must be done so that you’re not breaking the bank.


A few other ideas that can really help cut back on expenses around the home:
Makes sure you shut the lights off when leaving a room.
Keep the thermostat turned down, and put on a sweater if you’re chilled.
Remember to shop for used items rather than new whenever possible.
And lastly, try what’s called the ten second rule. When you pick up something to put in your cart, give yourself ten seconds to think about before you actually make the decision to pick it up and buy it. This will help cut down on impulse buying also.

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