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5 Kid Friendly 4th Of July Activities

5 Kid Friendly 4th Of July Activities

4th of July

The 4th of July is a time for family fun, BBQ’s and warm weather! There are so many ways you can get patriotic this holiday and in the post, here is a list of fun activities that the whole family will enjoy!

1. Turn your lawn into a giant flag with flour and giant stencils! Get some poster board and cut out star stencils. Place the stencil on the ground and sprinkle flour in it to fill it in. Carefully remove the stencil and a star will be there.

2. Have a neighborhood bike parade. Everyone in the neighborhood decorates their bikes with streamers and signs as patriotically as they can. At a set time, have a bike parade! After the Parade, set off fireworks if the law allows it where you live, and have a neighborhood show!

3. Have a trivia contest. This is a great way to teach the kiddos about why we celebrate and see how much the adults know and remember! Here is a great list of questions

4. Find out if there is a car show or parade in your area that day. Most kids love these!

5. Sing and teach your kids the Star-Spangled-Banner! If you need to brush up on the lyrics yourself, here is a link to them!

I hope above all, you have a safe and happy Fourth of July celebration!