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5 Gifts for the Outdoorsy Father

With Father’s Day only a few weeks away, it’s time to find (or make) the perfect gift for the outdoorsy father in your life. Here are five gift ideas that are sure to fit your budget.

5 Gifts for the Outdoorsy Father

5 Gifts for the Outdoorsy Father

Fire Pit

A fire pit is the perfect gift for the outdoors-man who prefers his backyard as well as the one that ventures into the back country. With summer coming in hot, it’s the perfect gift to enjoy on a cool evening with good company and crackling fire. You can find a wide range of fire pits within your budget to be enjoyed by the entire family. With a portable stove like the Camp Chef Portable Propane Fire Ring, you’ll be enjoying a weenie roast in your backyard one night and toasting marshmallows at your campsite over the weekend.

DIY Survival Bracelet

If you’re looking for something to craft at home, a survival bracelet made of paracord could save your outdoors-man’s life. All you need are two strands of 550 paracord, a small buckle, lighter, pair of scissors and long nose pliers. First you fuse the two strands together using your lighter and long nose pliers, before tying it up to your buckle. Next, you’ll need to choose a design to knot your survival bracelet with. Finally, you’ll have to tie up the other end to your buckle and snip off excess cord. For more detailed instructions and visuals, this tutorial will guide you through the entire process.

Multi Tool

Whether this is his first multi-tool, or one of many, an avid outdoors-man can never have enough.  With pliers, a blade, files, drivers, knives, scissors, and so much, a multi-tool is up for thousands of tasks. For a simple, lightweight tool, the Gerber Shard comes in at around $5-8 and attaches directly to your keys. Although it looks like it is only used as a bottle opener, the Shard is actually a Phillips and flat head screwdriver, pry bar, wire stripper and cross driver with a sharp edge great for opening cardboard boxes or plastic packaging. For a more advanced multi-tool, the Leatherman Wave is on the higher price range, but is a better than average tool with blades, scissors, pliers, files, saw, screw drivers and the list keeps going.

survival bracelet

Smart Outdoor Watch

For the tech savvy outdoorsman, consider the Casio Smart Outdoor Watch from PRO TREK. It’s the perfect smart watch for every outdoor activity with energy-efficient GPS, a full-color offline map, tide tables, ability to monitor distance, elevation gain and changing atmosphere pressure on the trail, it even manages your pace and keeps track of progress while you run or cycle. When the GPS is in use, the smart watch can take per-second measurements for 6-8 hours or intermittent measurements for approximately two days. It’s the perfect gift to keep the father in your life safe and aware when they’re exploring the outdoors.

DIY Hand Warmers

After a long day outside, coming home and warming up is a priority for any outdoors-man. Create DIY hand warmers for Father’s Day that only need 20 seconds in the microwave to provide repeated comfort. All you need is fabric, fabric scissors, a sewing machine or needle, thread, long pins and rice. Once you have three sides of the fabric sewn together, you fill it up 3/4 of the way with rice, and sew the last side. And there you have it: handmade warmers that warm up in no time. Here are detailed instructions to create your Father’s Day gift.