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50 Winter Activities to Enjoy as a Family

Cooler weather and snowy days can have you feeling like you need to stay indoors. But the truth is there are plenty of ways to enjoy the winter months as a family. Take a peek below at 50 winter activities to enjoy as a family so you can make the most of these chilly months together.

Here are a few to get you started.

50 Winter Activities to Enjoy as a Family


50 Winter Activities to Enjoy as a Family

1. Try catching snowflakes on your tongue.

2. Want to see a snowflake up close? Catch some on black paper and examine them.

3. Make a beautiful snow angel.

4. Try building a snow fort and then of course, start a snowball fight.

5. Try ice fishing. Visit a local pond that is known and safe for ice fishing and give it a whirl. 6.

7. You might just catch a fish or two!

8. Shovel snow for a neighbor who could use some help.

9. Try snow tubing or snowboarding at a local park.

10. Go snowshoeing. This is an old pastime that is worth revisiting with your family.

11. Try your skills at cross-country skiing. You can rent equipment if you don’t have it.

12. Bake some holiday cookies after a long day out in the snow. Pair them up with hot cocoa.

13. Paint the snow. Fill spray bottles with food colored water and spray away.

14. Go snowmobiling. Perhaps you know friends who can take you for a spin if you don’t own

any of your own.

15. Serve a warm and hearty meal at a local soup kitchen. Make it yourself if you get the chance.

16. Try winter camping at a local winter campground. Take plenty of blankets, fire materials,

and cozy clothing.

17. Play flashlight tag in the snow.

18. Write your own poems about winter and share them over snacks.

19. Go caroling in your neighborhood. Invite friends to join you.

20. Have a snowman building contest with neighbors.

21. When night falls, move their snowman to another spot in the yard to fool them.

22. Read some winter themed books from the library.

23. Try some ice hockey at the local skating rink.

24. Rent skates and enjoy a night of ice skating as a family.

25. Try building your own sleds from household materials.

26. Go sledding at a nearby hill. Have sled races if you can.

27. Have a hot chocolate sampling party. Grab a few different varieties and give them all a taste.

28. Go on a winter hike together.

29. Make bird feeders out of cardboard rolls, peanut butter, and seed for the winter birds.

30. Try bird watching. See all of the winter birds you can spot.

31. Go to a local park and look for winter wildlife. Check out the snow for their tracks.

32. Melt a cup of snow and see how dirty (or clean) the snow sample is.

33. See who can make the largest snowball.

34. Decorate the house with twinkle lights.

35. Go on a nighttime drive to look at the holiday light displays.

36. Look for constellations in the winter night sky.

37. Research winter solstice traditions. Have your own winter solstice party at home.

38. Cut down your own Christmas tree.

39. Find a local park offering winter sleigh rides.

40. Attend a community tree lighting ceremony.

41. Take your dog for a chilly but refreshing run.

42. Make small toiletry bags to hand out to the homeless.

43. Try knitting your own blanket.

44. Place luminaries outside of the house to light up the winter night. Invite neighbors to join in.

45. Decorate an outdoor pine tree with holiday décor.

46. Create an outdoor, living nativity scene.

47. Start a winter journal of all of your winter activities.

48. Make a snow gage out of a can and ruler. Watch the daily snow fall.

49. Shovel your own paths and trails through the yard.

50. Frolic in the snow with your pets.

Enjoying the winter months is easy when you give these 50 winter activities to enjoy with your family a try! Go down the list and see which ones appeal to you.