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This is a Fashionista Event.  I was given a promotional item to review by to share my opinions about the website.  All opinions are my own.

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Homemade goodies are important to me and a huge aspect of my life.  I love being able to support homemade and independent artisans and allows me to do just this and cross some goodies off my list.  I have been on the hunt for a new cell phone case recently and when I was approached about working with I was all over it because of the cell phone case by eyn and a Keepsake Charm Necklace.

Why I Wanted The Keepsake Charm Necklace

I wanted the Keepsake Charm Necklace because I knew it would be the perfect gift for my best friend.  She has a few necklaces that she wears almost everyday and they usually involve her initials.  She doesn’t have any though that include her married initials and it’s been 6 years.  I think it’s about time to update her jewelry selection and she likes things that are simple.  April is not real flashy with her jewelry selections so I knew that the Keepsake Charm Necklace being offered on would be ideal.

Simple but stylish.

9th and elm necklace

That is my best friends style.  I still can’t get over how easy she makes it look.  Man I am a little jealous by it actually.  The Keepsake Charm Necklace will be a great addition to her jewelry chest this Christmas (but shhhh don’t tell her).

Why I Wanted The Cell Phone Case By eyn

I am notorious for losing my credit card.  I must replace it at least 6 times a year!  One thing I have never lost though is my cell phone.  eyn has joined the two and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this case by eyn.  It’s really a perfect solution for me as it’s a hard protective case that holds a couple of credit cards or a credit card and id.  Plus it contains a mirror and a wrist strap.  Who doesn’t enjoy the fact that you can head out for the evening and not actually have to carry your purse.  For me I like that I can head to the Farmer’s Market or the local downtown shops and don’t have to carry my purse.  I can have my cell phone and credit card in my back pocket and a kid on each arm.  Yep that’s how I can be found most days, but it generally included my purse (which I LOVE) half hanging off my shoulder.

eyn cell phone case

Thanks to my new case from eyn I also don’t have to run out to the car every time I make an on-line purchase, which for me is often.  Hey I live in the middle of nowhere and the nearest grocery store is 30 miles away, let alone trying to get things needed for my homemade Christmas presents this year.  In the past I have had to make a last minute dash out to my car to get my purse which as my credit card, but now my credit card is with my phone which is rarely far from me.  What is with those shopping carts that are only valid for 15 minutes?!

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