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Apple Kids Craft ~ Fun & Simple Place Setting Cards

Apple Kids Craft ~ Fun & Simple Place Setting Cards

Apple Kids Craft

What better way to decorate the table than a super cute Apple kid’s craft?! Kids just love when they are able to help by doing big kid things and setting the table with these adorable apple place setting cards will be a sure fire hit that is loved by kids and adults a like. I used napkins instead of tissue paper because the napkins tend to be a little stronger and easier for your little ones to handle but tissue paper would work great also. So grab up your little ones and get your supplies ready and have yourself a great time!

The Cast For “A” is for Apple Kids Craft

red napkins (I used cocktail napkins but if you want large apples go ahead and grab the big ones)
green pipe cleaners
any color card stock or thick paper
hole punch
your wonderful children 🙂

Directions For “A” is for Apple Kids Craft

1) The first thing you will need to do is cut the edge off of the napkins where they have been folded together so that it makes individual squares. One of my kids just cut the whole edge off while the other took time and went into the folds and cut along the edge. Don’t worry there is no wrong way to do it.A is for Apple Kids Craft

2) Fold the napkin back and forth like you would if you were making a fan. Wrap green pipe cleaner around the center of the “fan” and twist tight to hold it in place. Make sure you leave enough pipe cleaner to act as the stem.

3) We took a pair of scissors and rounded of the corners of the fan to give the apple a more rounded shape when it was complete.

4) Very carefully pull the pieces of the napkin and pull toward the pipe cleaner. You will need to pull half of the napkin on one side one way and the other half the other way. Then flip the “fan” around and complete the other side. Once you complete fanning out the napkin it should form a circle. You may need to wiggle it around a little but once you have both sides complete it should start to look like an apple. Scrunch the napkin around just a little to get it to form a round shape and pull the remainder of the pipe cleaner up and through the top of the apple to resemble a stem.A is for Apple Kids Craft

5) Cut a rectangle out of your thick paper and cut a point at one end. Take the end with the point and use your paper hole punch to put a hole a the end (if you don’t have a hole punch available just use your scissors and poke a hole). Write the name onto the paper and then use your “stem” to hook it onto the apple.

6) Make sure and let your little one help you set the table so they can proudly display their craft near each place setting.

Apple Kids Craft is a fun one for fall and the abundance of apples that can be found.  Let the kids help set the table as you show off their new craft and don’t forget to serve up a fun dessert like this Easy Crock Pot Apple Crumble.




  • Sandra VanHoey

    These are so cute for the kids to make. We try to keep them busy being creative and having fun things to make. Thanks for sharing