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5 Budget-Friendly Baby Shower Menu Ideas

If you’ve been tasked with organizing a baby shower for your friend or relative, you’re bound to have questions: who should you invite, should you serve alcohol, and how will you ever throw the perfect party without blowing your budget? Luckily, hosting a thrifty get-together is easy, and there are tons of resources online that can help you plan an entertaining and memorable event.

Baby Shower Menu Ideas

You can find printable decorations, crafty inspiration, and gift ideas online to help you plan a budget baby shower. The Pampers website even provides free printable baby shower invitations you can download and send to your guests. It might feel as though you’ve got every item on your to-do list ticked off, but catering is one of the most important elements of any party, and one that often leaves budget-conscious hosts feeling stumped. Luckily, there are plenty of budget-friendly menu ideas for party-planners on a budget. Here are five to get you started.

Veggie Platters

You don’t have to be a culinary mastermind to put on a good party spread, and luckily the most popular snack foods are relatively low maintenance, as well as cheap. A huge platter of raw veggies will add more than a dash of color to your buffet table. It’s a good idea to offer individual paper cups with the dip of your choice in the bottom: that way, guests can simply fill up their cups with veggies and wander off to mingle.

Build Your Own

Consider a build-your-own taco station (or barbeque if the weather is good). Letting guests help themselves will inject some fun and creativity into your food offering. A baked potato is a particularly inexpensive option, as these can be bought in bulk from your local grocery store then filled with cheese, beans, salad, chili or tuna. Offer sauces like sourced cream and barbeque on the side.

Finger Sandwiches

Everyone loves good old-fashioned finger sandwiches and cupcakes. These party staples take us back to our childhood birthday parties, so they’re the perfect menu option for a baby shower. You can make the sandwiches yourself using cheap ingredients like cheese and cucumber, ham and salad or anything you’ve got in your fridge. Make sure you offer a selection for vegetarians and meat-eaters and find out in advance whether anyone has allergies. Gluten intolerance is common these days, so it can’t hurt to get some gluten free bread in, just in case.

Tea Party

It’s not typical to serve alcohol at a baby shower out of consideration for the mother-to-be, but whether you offer your guests a small tipple to get them in the mood is up to you. If you decide not to serve alcohol, one option is to host a tea party baby shower instead. Hunt down some vintage teacups, teapots, and plates from your local thrift store, then use them to serve various tea and cupcakes. This is a classy yet inexpensive option and is something everyone will like.

Craving Table

Pregnant women are notorious for odd cravings, so a “cravings table” will be a fun addition to your party. Guests can marvel at the odd foods the mother-to-be has been craving, and she should be more than happy with your choices.