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Best Affordable Family Travel Ideas for Summer

Your family doesn’t necessarily have to scrap the idea of taking a summer vacation just because you’re on a budget. There are ways that you can still get away this summer without racking of tons of debt in order to do it. Below are several great ideas that will have your family enjoying a little R&R this summer without breaking the bank.

Take a Local Vacation

Instead of setting your sights on far-off destinations, why not consider taking a vacation a little closer to home. Many people are never aware of the wonders that are present in their very own backyard. Go ahead and schedule the vacation time and then spend it visiting local attractions. Obtain a guidebook for your home state and spend some time exploring the wealth of attractions and local sights that are within a short driving distance. The best part of taking a local vacation is the amount of money you’re able to save on lodging and food.

As more people are becoming budget conscious, camping has once again returned as a favored activity. Don’t wait around, go ahead and book your campsite right away. Many states offer excellent campgrounds, replete with all sorts of amenities, services and activities. Don’t have camping gear? Ask family and friends if they have some you might be able to borrow. Of course, if you think that your family might want to make camping a regular activity, it can be a good investment to go ahead and purchase what you need so you can re-use it in the future. Camping not only offers a chance to get away and bond as a family, but also helps in developing an appreciation for nature. The lodging at many campsites is often very inexpensive and many parks and campgrounds offer a wealth of activities for all ages.

Take an Out of Season Vacation
Taking a vacation during the off-season is a great way to enjoy a wonderful vacation at only a fraction of the cost you would pay during peak season. Many ski resorts offer exceptional deals during the summer. What kinds of activities can you enjoy at a ski resort during the summer months? Try biking, hiking, swimming and rafting for starters. Also, many resorts make an effort to host special activities for the kids as well as concerts and festivals.

Swap Houses
One affordable vacation idea that seems to be catching steam is the concept of swapping houses with another family. This method allows you to travel to another location and stay in the home of another family while they theoretically stay in your home. While this method won’t save you much on the cost of travel, it can definitely help you to save on the cost of accommodations. There are even websites specifically dedicated to this idea that can match you up with other families interested in swapping homes.

Take a City Vacation

Do you live within a short driving distance of a large city? If so, why not pack up the family and head into the city for a vacation this summer? Many cities, anticipating slower tourism due to the economy, are offering great deals on accommodation. The close proximity means you can save on travel costs. Many museums also offer events that are free or at least reduced during the summer. Also, be sure to do your homework ahead of time and find out whether certain attractions are offering special deals.




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