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BluApple: Keep Your Produce Fresh Longer – Review

Are you an avid fruit buyer but can’t stand to see it rot on your counter within a couple days of buying it?  My family loves bananas but we can only eat so many.  My freezer is filled with unused bananas waiting to be turned into banana bread or muffins.  Companies are realizing this is an issue for a variety of fruits and vegetables are coming up with ways to combat that.  BluApple is one of those companies.  They are committed to providing a product that will help sustain your produces life.

I received the BluApple and purchased some bananas to see if it would help without having to worry about cleaning and washing bags.  I felt that the BluApple was simpler process as I didn’t have to worry about maintenance in between uses.  I placed the BluApple on my counter with my fruit and waited to see what would happen.  BluApple is recommended for best use to be in a confined space but my fruit bowl doesn’t really have that so I am sure that in a confined place like a crisper draw this would have even better results.  I did think that my fruit made a few extra days than it would have normally.  Usually two days on my counter and bananas start to turn and get spots.  With the BluApple I was actually able to keep them for a week before they found the graveyard in the freezer.  See the picture…that’s usually after two days never a week!

BluApple comes in a package of two and I am sure the intention is to split them up, one in each crisper draw or one in the fridge and one on your counter but I kept mine together for the time as I didn’t have anything else to test them with.

We do a lot of home canned fruit in our house because fruit just doesn’t stay good and I thought I had tried everything.  Ethylene gas is given off naturally by fruits and vegetables as a signaling mechanism in order to coordinate uniform ripening. However, once concentrated in your refrigerator or other storage areas, the presence of ethylene gas continues to speed up ripening and hasten spoilage. I will be giving BluApple a much more rigorous testing in our house as the packets inside the BluApple that responsible for emitting the “stay good” power last for three months at a time.  Refills can then be purchased from BluApple for $9.95 which is a 12 month supply of refills.

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You can purchase the BlueApple from their website for $9.95.




  • Nicole Nicodemus

    I am vegan and buy fresh fruits and veggies at least once a week. I do hate wasting the money on the produce that I may not eat fast enough.