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Boumy Shoes Review

As mother’s we can’t wait for the days that our children walk.  It’s a milestone that mom’s mark on the calendars and baby books.  One that most of us can remember off the top of our heads.  I can’t tell you when either of them sat up or rolled over but I can surely remember when they walked.  Of course with walking comes shoes.

I know that I notice shoes on babies right off the bat, generally girls shoes.  Well I have boys and finding cute shoes that are functional is hard to come by.  Boumy shoes is known in my community for their quality leather shoes and cute options.  I however was never lucky enough to have a pair with Coulter because he grew like a weed.  With Corbin we are really struggling finding a pair of shoes.  I had hoped that we would be able to re-use all the shoes we owned with Coulter because he owned a ton.  However, we were not that lucky.

Corbin has no heel and his foot is extremely fat!  With Boumy’s great reputation in my community and the fact that they have elastic in the  heel which should make them easy to put on (let’s face it not many little ones hold still for shoes), I thought for sure that I had found my solution.  I quickly headed over to their site and picked several pairs that I loved.  I had a hard time finding just one, but eventually settled on the Sport Stripe Navy.  Once the shoes arrived I was pleased to see that they really are leather and not that pleather that many box stores try to pass off.  Boumy shoes are definitely made to last through multiple children, which really helps the pocket book.

Once again though I am wishing I had a girl.  The selection of girls shoes is much larger and of course adorable!  I loved how easy the ordering process was on their site.  It was simple to follow and walked you though the steps like a breeze.  Sometimes when I get onto sites and try to order things they come up with ten tabs of information that need answered and I especially can’t stand when the tabs appear after I have filled out the first one.  Simple ordering is always a plus for me (and any other busy moms)!

What would I change?  I would like to see a couple pairs of hard soled shoes on their site.  I know that the basis behind the soft soles is so that babies can feel the ground around them and maintain their balance.  Keep in mind though that I live in Colorado which equates to snow.  While our new Boumy’s would be wonderful summer shoes but there is no way that they could be winter shoes.

As far as I can tell I would love to be happy with Boumy shoes but sadly my no heeled fat footed kid couldn’t get them on.  We fought, pushed and even had some tears between the two of us but it just was not going to happen.  He has no heel to actually keep a shoe on.  So that being said I would recommend Boumy shoes to any mom who has a child with a close to normal foot.  I would even say they would work if your child has a fat foot as they have plenty of elastic in them made for stretch and “growability”. 

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