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The Bouqs Makes Floral Delivery Easy

This post on The Bouqs Makes Floral Deliver Easy is brought to you by my partnership with The Bouqs.  I was supplied a dozen roses in order to facilitate my review.
 The Bouqs Floral Delivery

Fresh flowers?  What are those?  Delivered to my door?  That will never happen!

Until now… 

Living 25 miles from the nearest florist you can guarantee that my husband doesn’t have it set up on auto delivery.  Even less likely is that while the flowers I do receive (rarely) are gorgeous they are not usually worth the 50 mile trip it takes to get them.  I only get flowers if he is headed into town for something else (usually parts) and I had better be happy with receiving them within a week of the occasion, give or take before or after.  

Recently I was approached by The Bouqs and was happy to give their service a try updating my husband through the whole process.  After all this could make his life a lot easier and make me happier to have fresh flowers show up at my door.  I know that flowers don’t last forever and that they die but frankly most plants come to my house to die as well.  Why not have a splash of color for a couple of days!

The Bouqs Floral Delivery

The Bouq flowers are cut the day you order them and then shipped out by the next day.  This means that you have them in your hands by the time they are less than 4 days old.  No sitting in a warehouse or on a shelf for up to 2 weeks before you receive them.  The dozen roses are received are still going strong after 3 weeks!  It’s obvious they are on the downhill slide but I still see a couple days out of them before I have to toss them.  

To make my husbands life easier The Bouqs offers a variety of services to help him never forget to send flowers for the right occasion.  Including the ability to have fresh flowers sent regularly at a set schedule OR the he could use The Bouqs Never Forget service.  The Never Forget Service allows him to set up a floral delivery in advance and forget about it.  This service allows him to set it up so that it’s recurring every year.  This service reminds me of the Mother’s Day episode of The Millers.

The Bouqs offers a decent size selection of flowers and has recently introduced their college bouqs.  Have your favorite teams colors sent to your rival!  The Bouqs offers simple ordering with their choice of 3 size bouqs and smaller ordering selection.  To me this made it easy to order I wasn’t overwhelmed with 50 choices and colors.  The Bouqs offered me a variety of colors that I know have to be special ordered at the local florist as well. 

I had a short ordering process that went off without a problem.  I picked the date I wanted them delivered and my dozen roses showed up at my door securely packaged and with water gel crystals.  This was a surprise and alleviated the fear of them sitting on front step in the heat dying.  I can’t do much for the cold weather as we head into winter but know they will be shipped and sitting in continuous water. 

The Bouqs Floral Delivery

With a quick cut of the stems to prolong life I placed them in my own vase which was nice because I have a ton of those around the house.  I added half the package of floral food to them and enjoyed my new table centerpiece.  After one week I dumped all the water out still in the face, trimmed my ends again and added fresh water and the rest of the floral food.  for continued life.  Simple as that and I have the pleasure of enjoying a dozen gorgeous Dawn rose blooms for several weeks.

Have you ever used a mail ordered floral service before?  Would this be a helpful service for your husband?  What is your favorite Bouq?




  • Melanie a/k/a CrazyMom

    They are gorgeous … beautiful flowers.. i got flowers delivered once but they sure didn’t look as pretty as those…

  • diane

    I use a mail order flower site for my grandmother every year for mother’s day. Grandma’s dont need much but they do like flowers!

  • Alena Belleque

    We received a bouq for my daughter’s 2nd birthday this past spring. Loved it!! ♥ My favorite bouq is the blue and yellow “Onward To Victory” bouq from the college selection, and the “Zest” bouq.

  • Scott

    I’ve used mail-order floral before, but the results have been hit-and-miss. I’ll give Bouqs a try next time we need flowers.