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Busy Bag Activity – Heavy Crane Math

Welcome to the second activity in the busy bag activity series.

Busy Bag AcitivitiesThis weeks busy bag activity is inspired by Number Gobbling Busy Bag over at Bits & Pieces From My Life.  I love the idea so much but knew that I had to adapt it for my own children.  While her sharks are adorable my boys are more into trains, tractors, trucks and construction equipment.  I had purchased the construction clipart sometime ago and love when I get the chance to use it, are you seeing a theme yet of my printables?  No secret what my boys are into.

Heavy Crane Math is inspired by another blogger and therefore follows along the same lines for learning.  This particular busy bag activity will help your children focus on learning greater than and less than.  Heavy Crane Math offers the ability to be customized to your learner ability with the first set of cutouts your children can count the boxes individually and have the crane “lift” the cutout with the most boxes, as students/kids learn to do this activity by sight you can bump up the level a little.  It becomes time to have your children/students start recognizing their numbers on signs.  As suggested in my fellow bloggers directions you can bump up the skill level one more time by mixing the crates and construction signs.

I recommend laminating your pieces once you have them cut out because they will hold up a lot longer.  I snagged this lamintor from Scotch for a decent price and it sure has been put to the test in our house.

Busy Bag Activity – Heavy Crane Math

Busy Bag Activity ~ Heavy Crane Math

Click the picture above or head to my Dropbox to download the Busy Bag Activity – Heavy Crane Math file for your own.

I hope you enjoy this Busy Bag Activity – Heavy Crane Math Printable for you own kids and their learning. As with all printables on the internet I encourage you to use this Busy Bag Activity – Heavy Crane Math for your own learning purposes. Share this page with others even, but please don’t use my work to make money.**

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