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Charlotte’s Web-Family Movie Night

 The timeless adventures of Wilbur and Charlotte are family favorites of ours.  I love the sweet themes in Charlotte’s Web- friendship, positive thinking, love, kindness, etc… It makes a great choice for family movie night, but since sitting in front of a movie silently is not conducive to family bonding I like to add in a few extra activities and a snack to encourage creativity and face to face time.  If you love Charlotte’s Web as much as we do consider making it your next family movie night and adding in these supplemental ideas to make it a memorable evening.

charlottes web family movie night

Charlotte’s Web- Family Movie Night

Of course, before we watched the movie we wanted to make some yummy themed snacks to go along with it so we made these spider webs. They look complicated but they really aren’t and they don’t take long to set up so they were ready by the time we finished our craft and activity. If you want to make these for your movie night just follow this easy tutorial below…

charlottes web snack

Charlotte’s Web  Snacks

Melt 1 cup white candy melts (Walmart) in a double boiler or in microwave according to package directions. Using a double boiler is super easy, just place a glass bowl over a pot with a couple inches of water in it that is simmering- this helps melt the chocolate evenly. Stir frequently while melting.

While chocolate is melting, rrange stick pretzels on waxed paper or aluminum foil in a star type shape, set aside.

Allow chocolate to cool a bit but not set, transfer to a quart sandwich bag, wrap the bag in hot pad and snip off one corner. 

Squeeze melted chocolate out of corner of the bag in the center in a circle to connect  and anchor all the sticks in the center.

Make a spiral around the diameter 2 or 3 times and then some lines vertically from center outward to create a web effect. Make sure that each of your lines connect so that it will come off as one piece. I went back and filled in some lines , it doesn’t have to be perfect they will still love it!

Allow to cool completely, at least 30 minutes, before carefully removing from waxed paper.

 charlottes web snack process

While our treat was setting up we played a couple rounds of a game I made up.Wanna play too? 

Charlotte’s Web  Toss

Tape off a spider web on the floor using painters tape, I started by making a large X then made another line up the center vertically and horizontally.  

Next you want to place your center lines in 2 or 3 rows, depending on the size web you made. 

charlottes web activity

To make it a game we gave each section points, the outer squares we scored at 10 points, the next closest to the center 20 points, and a bullseye was 50. We played to 500 (A great way to sneak in some writing and math practice too!)

charlottes web spider


charlottes web spider 2

We ended the fun before the movie with a spider web craft that makes a sweet keepsake!

charlotte's web craft

Charlotte’s Web Craft

To make this cute spider craft you need only; white string or yard, a wooden embroidery hoop of any size, a black pompom, googly eyes, a black pipe cleaner, and hot glue (or craft glue).  

Remove the inner  wooden ring and let your child wrap white string all around to create a spider web. Place the inner wood back inside the ring and tighten. Cut off end of string close to wood. 

To make your spider cut 8 pieces of black pipe cleaner into 1/2″ pieces, bend slightly to make legs and hot glue underneath the pom pom.  Glue googly eyes on top and secure to the web. You can make these in any color you like, even pink, we wanted to stay close to Charlotte’s coloring so we opted for black.

charlottes web craft

Make family movie night really memorable by including some fun crafts, snacks, and activities in addtion to watching the movie!

charlottes web movie night

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