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Cheese Crusted Pork Chop Recipe ~ Dinner In 20 Minutes

Cheese Crusted Pork Chop Recipe

My family is no stranger to a good, juicy and moist pork chop.  The boys love pork chops and I like that it adds some variety to our usual beef menu.  Let’s face it my husband loves beef!  These Cheese Crusted Pork Chops are well asked for in our house with their magnificent flavor and I am willing to oblige because of how easy they are to make!

Cheese Crusted Pork Chops

These Cheese Crusted Pork Chops are delicious and the coating helps keep everything moist, which when you broil pork chops can sometimes be a bit tricky…or maybe that’s just me.  I somehow, miraculously  forget that they don’t need that long on each side, especially in un-trustworthy oven.  I have to watch things like a hawk baking or broiling in there and with two kids in the house…well you can imagine how that always turns out.

What else do I like about these Cheese Crusted Pork Chops?  That they can be done in under 20 minutes with a little planning, aka take the pork chops out of the freezer in the morning.  With thawed pork chops you are well on your way to a quick and delicious dinner while the kids are doing their homework.  Sure beats the quick run to the fast food join (which is 30 miles each way for me so not that quick!)

The Cast For Cheese Crusted Pork Chop Recipe

1 Pound Boneless or 2.5 Pounds Bone-in Pork – sliced as pork chops
1 cup breadcrumbs – feel free to use one of the flavored kinds available for an extra dose of flavor.
1 ½ cup shredded cheddar cheese
½ cup all-purpose flour
2 large eggs, lightly beaten
Salt and Pepper to taste

Directions For Cheese Crusted Pork Chop Recipe

1.  Preheat oven to broil

2.  In large ziplock bag, combine breadcrumbs, cheddar cheese, salt and pepper – mix thoroughly

3.  Place flour in one shallow dish and eggs in a separate shallow dish

4.  Coat pork in flour, dip in egg and then coat in the breadcrumb/cheese mixture

5.  Press in mixture along all sides

6.  Transfer coated pork to a casserole dish, in a single layer

7.  Broil 8 minutes on one side

8.  Flip pork and broil 8 minutes on the other side **Tip – Pork is done at an internal temperature of 145 to 160 degrees

Pair this Cheese Crusted Pork Chop recipe with green beans and a side salad and your good to go in a hurry.  The boys love it with fried taters which is what they get when I have an hour but not 20 minutes.

What is your favorite way to cook pork chops?  Tend to grill them a lot because it’s easy?

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  • Jenn

    I know what I am having for dinner tonight! lol! That looks so good!

    • Brandy

      I love how simple they are Jenn. Often a go-to meal in our house.

  • Kelly Hutchinson

    This recipe looks so yummy and easy to make. This is perfect for those night you do not feel like cooking.

  • Debra

    That looks delish. It would be perfect for one of my big family Sunday night meals.

    • Brandy

      It would look like you slaved over the meal for hours!

  • I would love to go have pork chops at your place! I long for juicy and moist all the time but my family likes their pork as the sole of a shoe..super dry…maybe your recipe will change their mind about it and show them how to eat pork the right way, lol! I think the cheese will do the trick! Thank you so much for sharing your recipe at the Fluster Buster party! Have a great weekend, Lizy party co host

  • Lisa

    Looks SO good! Thanks for linking up with “Try a New Recipe Tuesday”

  • Oh I would love this. I have some porck chops that I will prepare tomorrow, so gotta try this out. Thanks so much for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  • Amberly Steele

    These look so yummy!!! Thanks for sharing!

    • Brandy

      I love how easy they are to make as well! Perfect for a quick dinner.

  • What a great idea for a nice family dinner that is easy to prepare! I’m all for that. When I get home from work, it has to be easy. I’m pinning this one! I just popped over from the Marvelous Monday Linkey. I would love it if you dropped by for a visit at . Happy Day to you! Deb @ Kneaded Creations