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3 Ingredient Cherry Dump Cake

Another winner has been found in our house.  I have made this cake twice to perfect it for you, as much perfection as three ingredients needs, and it doesn’t last long.  Eaten directly out of the oven is really the best, served hot with a cold glass of milk.  Man did I really want some vanilla bean ice cream  I could just see the ice cream melting and running down the sides of this hot cake.  Like cherry cobbler but a lot less ingredients.  Lip smacking good I assure you.

The one downfall to this cake is the baking time.  It seems to take forever and you start smelling the cake baking at minute 21.  By the time the cake comes out of the oven you don’t care how hot it is you just MUST have a bite!  Fork tongs burning your taste buds off.

My second round I made a cinnamon roll icing to have for the individual pieces of cake but I must say I won’t be doing that again.  This Cherry Dump Cake was best served warm and as is.  Hard to mess with simple half homemade perfection!

Cherry Dump Cake Cast

1 Box French Vanilla Cake Mix
1 21 oz Can Cherry Pie Filling
1 Cup Melted Butter

Cherry Dump Cake Directions

1.  Pre-heat oven to 325 degrees.

2.  Spray 9×13 cake pan with PAM.

3.  Open the cherries and pour them into you cake pan.  Spread them out evenly in the bottom of the pan.

4.  Pour your melted butter over the top of your cherries.

5.  Pour your cake mix powder over the top of the butter.

6.  I gave it a little mix withing the pan to get the butter and cake mix soaked up together.  The first time I made this I didn’t give it a real good mix and some of the cake mix stayed as powder.  I have to admit that our family liked it better layered without mixing but for appearance look I would give it a little mix till things are moistened.

7.  Bake in pre-heated oven for 50-60 minutes.

8.  Stand at the stove with fork in hand to taste test!

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  • Sandra VanHoey

    My type of recipe, 3 ingredients and easy, this sounds great

  • Khaleelah

    I just finished baking this about an hour ago. It was delicious. I was specifically looking for something to do with a french vanilla cake mix I got from the markdown section for $1and I had a cherry pie filling on hand. I have seen others that have used 2 cans of filling and I can see how that would give more filling to crust ratio, but one works nicely. I sliced a stick of cold butter into pats and placed it all over the dry mix. Thanks for sharing.

  • Tulip

    That looks really yummy! I love simple ways to make cake mix better. Thanks for sharing. Hope to see you at True Aim!

    • Brandy

      Thank you for stopping by Tulip. I hope to see you often and I will be visiting True Aim for schooling tips. Have a splendid day!

  • Kim of Mo'Betta

    And I love that pan!

    • Brandy

      I snagged a green and red one at Safeway around Christmas time and I am totally in love! Safeway still had them a couple of weeks ago on markdown for $7.99.

  • Kim of Mo'Betta

    I’ve been making dump cakes for years and we always pour the butter over the cake mix. Makes almost a cobbler type dessert. They are delicious and always go over well!

    • Brandy

      Thanks for the tip Kim. My husbands grandmother said to pour it in with the filling but I couldn’t get it to mix together real well that way. Over the top would make sure that all the powder gets wet. I will be giving that a try for sure as dump cakes are new to me.