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6 Classic Indoor Games For Kids

6 Classic Indoor Games For Kids

Classic Indoor Games For Kids

When the weather starts to change in Colorado it can go from 80 degrees to snowing in a matter of hours.  This morning I woke up to snow.  Yes I said snow on the 26th of September.  Yet the boys and I went to the park this afternoon with no coats and we were sweating by the time we were done.  I would say only in Colorado but I am sure somebody might dispute that woke up to snow in their hometown as well.

So what to do when the weather is starting to turn and you won’t let the kids outside at 40 degrees (come December they will be outside when it’s 10 below but I have to ease them into it)?  Try these 6 classic indoor games for kids and capture a few smiles and laughs along the way.  Several of these work best with multiple players (playdate games?) but most will be fine with three players.

* Freeze Dance – turn on your favorite music and let the kids dance away.  Whoever wins the last round gets to be the music stopper.  I can guarantee you will all be laughing before the game is over.

* Simon Says – Simon Says is a classic.  Change out with your own kids name and they will love the game even more.  Coulter says have fun!

* Balloon Stomp – This one is a bit noisy make sure your neighbors are warned.  Blow up 10 – 20 balloons depending on how many players are going to play.  See who can stomp the most.  Make sure everybody is counting their numbers out loud.  This game also works great to learn your letters.  Mark each balloon with a letter (or numbers, shapes, etc.) and they have to be stomped in the correct order.

* Hide and Seek – Cupboards are fair game.

* Treasure Hunt – This takes a bit get a map planned out and have a great hiding spot.  I tend to keep some new books on hand that make great treasures to find.  Then we get to sit down and have some cuddle time with our newest treasure.

* Beanbag Toss – We have several of the sand buckets that I picked up at the dollar store that are the perfect targets.  I have ten or so of them and arrange them out for point values.  The boys are horrible at it right now but it’s working those motor skills.

Enjoy these six activities with the kids on a rainy or snowy day and you are sure to be a hit with the kids.  Do you have any go to games to keep the kids happy when you are stuck inside?

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  • Shauna

    Those are great! We also play colored eggs – with crayons – 🙂 Lots of fun for everyone

  • Samantha

    simon sez- classic!

  • Emily

    This is a great list to keep handy for those cold and rainy days!

  • Jeannette

    We so needed this list! It has been raining here for days! Maybe I’ll try some of these out today! Thanks!